100 Ways To Make Money

100 ways to make money – Learn How To Make Money Online and Offline

While you might be younger than everyone else, that doesn’t mean you need to be paid less than you are worth. You have the energy and the work ethic to make more money, but you want to find something that actually pays you well, even though you have to work during limited hours. Right now, there are a few part time jobs that can help you make money, even when you’re a student. And these jobs might just turn into careers down the line.

Designing Work

If you’re already playing with images on the computer, it might be a good idea to take those skills and turn them into cash. Since you can do this work at any time, you’ll be able to create a stream of income when it’s convenient for you – and for your schoolwork. You can also enter logo design contests to see how you match up with others – and win cash prizes.

Tutoring Students

When you’re a smart student, you may want to pass on your knowledge to others at your school or in younger grades. This will help the other student out, of course, but you can also be pay top dollar for spending time going over homework, preparing for college entrance exams, etc.


Many students will start their careers as babysitters since parents are always looking for people to help them with childcare. You can advertise your services in the neighborhood and extend your services to friends of your parents too. Many parents today expect to pay well over minimum wage, so you might just profit from your enjoyment of hanging out with kids.

Computer Tech

If you’re the one your family turns to when they need help with a computer, why not charge others for the same service? For example, charging others just $25 to diagnose and fix a problem in an hour can give you a steady stream of cash since computers are always breaking down. And many people have no idea how to manage these problems, which may not even be problems at all.