100 Ways To Make Money

100 ways to make money – Learn How To Make Money Online and Offline

When a kid is looking for ways to supplement their allowance, you don’t have to tell them that they’re out of luck – or that they need to clean their room. There are plenty of ways that kids can earn some extra money safely in and around the neighborhood.

Helping Out Neighbors

If there are people in the neighborhood that could benefit from your child’s help – i.e. raking the leaves, shoveling the driveway – that could be an opportunity for the child to make money. Just doing errands for the elderly allows the neighbors to have the help they need and your child can have the money they want.

Selling Snacks

Having small bags of snacks to sell to others at school is another way that a child can begin to make money. They can buy the snacks cheap and then sell them for a slight markup to make a profit.

Pet Sitting for Others

Since many neighbors might be going out of town during the summer when your child is home, encourage your child to seek out pet sitting opportunities. This will help your child begin to make money and learn about responsibility.

Selling Little Toys

If there are trading cards – i.e. baseball cards, Pokemon, Magic, etc. – that your child can sell, that can turn into a moneymaking venture. All you need to do is to sell the cards for a dollar and a child can make money. And for the really special cards, others may be willing to pay even more.

The Good Old Lemonade Stand

The oldies are still goodies. Setting up a lemonade stand will help a child gain a reputation for being an entrepreneur, but it can also help them begin to make money during the summertime. Selling lemonade and other snacks will boost their allowance.

Making and Selling Crafts

When your child is good at art projects, why not make them and sell them to others? The more they can create, the more they can make, even if they’re not charging a lot. The crafts can be sold at craft shows or among the family, causing the child to gain a reputation as a craft supplier.

Children can make money when they’re still young, and doing so will help them cultivate the skills they need to start a much larger business when it is time for them to enter the working world.