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Are you always playing matchmaker with your friends? Then you might just love to learn how to start an introduction agency. These services, also called dating services, match people together, based on their personalities and what they are looking for in a partner. Being able to analyze personality types and discern likes and dislikes will be critical for your success.

These days, a lot of introductions services are completely online. But many offer a combination of online and in-person services for their clients. The choice is up to you.

A growing trend in this sector is setting up speed dating events. In these events, an even number of men and women are invited, and each person gets a chance to meet everyone of the opposite sex for about five minutes at a time. If they hit it off, they can then exchange information to get in touch later.

When you make the decision to learn how to start an introduction agency, your first order of business will be to determine if you plan to offer services like speed dating, or if you want to stick to online matchmaking only.

Either way, there are several things you’ll want to take into consideration.

What You Need to Succeed

One of the primary tools you will use in your introduction agency will be a software program. Even if your agency is in-person only, you’ll still need a way to keep track of all your clients, including their contact data, preferences, and personality details. The program you use will allow you to search criteria and select people who are a good match.

Another very important consideration to be aware of is that you have a responsibility to your clients to do all you can to keep them safe. You will want to perform background checks on your clients as part of your routine in-processing procedures. Failing to take this step could open the door to con artists and sexual predators, and it only takes one of those to ruin your business for good.

It’s also important to be on the lookout for anyone that might be trying to use your introduction agency for escort services. If you are implicated in this kind of activity, it could mean criminal prosecution.

Your primary responsibility when you learn how to start an introduction agency is to get very good at matching your clients with potential partners. Keeping track of successful, long-term relationships that came about as a result of your introduction will help you show that your agency is worth the money. The more you can refine your process and find successful matches, the more word will get around, and the more clients you’ll have coming to see you.

You might also want to consider counseling services for couples and individuals who come through your program. Teaching communications classes is another option to boost your revenue and provide a much needed additional service to your clients.

Love is a wonderful thing, and it can be lucrative too – when you learn how to start an introduction agency!