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If you have an attention to detail and an eye for errors, you could learn how to start an editing service. You’ll be reviewing other people’s writing and checking it for grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and the like. You can accept jobs by electronic or printed means, but most editing services accept both. It will be easiest for you if jobs are submitted electronically, so keep that in mind.

Those who learn how to start an editing service typically start out part time, but this career can work into a full time business, and you can either work from home or an office. You’ll accept articles, web content, technical writings, and even traditional books.

The equipment needed to start an editing service is fairly basic. You need a computer with a word processing program, like Microsoft Word, for example, and you’ll want a good printer as well as some reference materials on grammar. If you accept printed work, you’ll also want to invest in a good scanner.

What You Need to Succeed

Many people who open an editing service have degrees in English, and this would be a great credential to tout when advertising your service. A degree is not required however, as long as you’re very good at what you do. No special training or licensing is required, beyond a business license.

More than anything, people will decide to use your editing service based on your ability. So it is important to have a portfolio of your work at the ready. It should include a number of different types of writing so you can show your versatility. Also include references and recommendations as you get them from your clients.

The most important thing you can do to succeed once you learn how to start an editing service is to provide material that is completely free of errors and to finish all your projects on time. This will earn you a reputation for being good at what you do, and you’ll get referrals.

How to Get Customers for Your Editing Service

Finding customers will be the hardest part of learning how to start an editing service – at first. There is a lot of competition in the field, and many who write don’t feel they need editing services. Creating a compelling website that both demonstrates your ability and convinces people of your value is critical to your success.

Also be sure to list your new editing service business in all the online directories – especially those aimed at writers and publishers. Having your website optimized for search engine indexing will end up being very important for driving new business to your site.

You might also consider purchasing some ad space in the classified sections of popular writing magazines. This is usually inexpensive, and you’ll be exposed to a large group of your target audience.

Once you’ve been a successful copy editor for a while, consider expanding and hiring other editors to take on more work. You might even be able to set up a training service for editors or write a book on the topic. When you learn how to start an editing service, the sky’s the limit!