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How to Start an Auto Glass Repair Business

How to Start an Auto Glass Repair Business

Learn how to start an auto glass repair business if you are the kind of person who likes being out and about, meeting new people, and being rewarded in balance with your own efforts.  This is and always will be an in demand business, as windshields are continually getting cracks and chips that must be fixed before turning into larger cracks that require expensive windshield replacement.  As long as there is not too much competition in your area, your low cost methods of auto glass repair will be a welcome, much needed service, wherever you are located.

One of the best selling points of auto glass repair is that often times there is no out of pocket expense to the customer, as many insurance companies waive their deductibles for auto glass repair.  They know that if they don’t cover the cost of auto glass repair, they will just end up covering the much more costly service of auto glass replacement.

What You’ll Need to Succeed in Auto Glass Repair

To start an auto glass repair business, you will need to purchase some specialized equipment.  This auto glass repair system works by removing air from the crack or chip and replacing it with one of a variety of different kinds of resin.  When you purchase equipment, it is likely to come with several necessary tools and resins, and possibly heat exchangers and moisture evaporators.

Both the quality of the resin you use and the quality of your equipment will be big factors in determining your success in the auto glass repair business.  It is better to spend the money to get the best equipment than to gain a reputation for work that is less than perfect.  With the high end of the equipment spectrum being around $1,500, you won’t have to make a huge investment, even when you go with the best equipment.

You will of course need to learn how to use whichever system you purchase, and the good news is that most of them come with instructional DVDs and other educational materials to walk you through the auto glass repair process.

Once you have completed at least 200 auto glass repairs and have worked in the industry for a minimum of six months (or been formally trained), you can become a Certified Auto Glass Repair Technician.

Marketing Your Auto Glass Repair Business

When you learn how to start an auto glass repair business, you have a choice between catering to commercial clients or consumers.  Commercial clients you might target are car lots, auto repair garages, and body shops.  The advantage to focusing on commercial accounts is that you might be able to do a number of repairs at the same location.  The competition is stiff in this market in many areas though, so be sure to check it out where you are.

One way to target consumers is to go door to door.  This is especially effective if you first see a vehicle at their house that is in need of auto glass repair.  Once you tell them that their insurance might cover the entire cost of your service, what do they have to lose?  Flyering cars in large parking lots can work well too, but be sure to check your local ordinances first.

The bottom line is that when you learn how to start an auto glass repair business, you have the flexibility to run it however you please, and to change direction whenever necessary.  This makes the auto glass repair business an entrepreneur’s dream!