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How to Start an Arborist Business

How to Start an Arborist Business

Learning how to start an arborist business is a good option for anyone with a background that includes working with trees. The opportunities for an arborist business are plentiful. Many organizations, from local and state government, to businesses and individual consumers, use the services of an arborist to help maintain the health of their trees, shrubs, and bushes.

Keeping trees and other woody plants healthy by pruning them and maintaining their health is the primary job of an arborist. An arborist will also help determine if a tree should be removed and often help arrange for removal when necessary.

Arborists help to fight common tree diseases and pests to improve the health of dying trees so they do not have to be removed. This is a much needed service in many urban areas, where the municipality is attempting to balance the cityscape with natural elements, including trees.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

In addition to a standard business license, if you are thinking about how to start an arborist business, you should be aware that many states require arborists to be certified. Check with your regulatory agencies to find out the requirements in your state and how to achieve certification.

Obviously, one of the most important qualifications for an arborist is an in depth knowledge of trees. This usually comes from a combination of education and experience. Many who are interested in how to start an arborist business have worked with a certified arborist for several years, perfecting their knowledge and skills.

One of the dangers arborists face is working with trees that are close to power lines. You will need to know how to safely work around power lines, and part of your certification will likely involve a test on this knowledge.

At first glance, it might not seem like being in great physical shape is a requirement to start an arborist business, but the fact is being an arborist is physically taxing. You will be called on to climb trees, work in all kinds of weather, and engage in a lot of physical labor. The ability to do this every day will depend a lot on your physical condition, strength, and stamina.

As for equipment needed to start an arborist business, you will need to have chain saws, hand saws, shears, pruners, ladders, gloves, safety equipment (like goggles, a hardhat, and safety belts), and a reliable vehicle, capable of carrying all your tools as well as cut branches that you will haul away for your customers.

One way to help ensure success in your arborist business is to find a needed niche within your area. Cater to the customers who are in the most need of your services, treat them well, keep your commitments, and do an outstanding job. If you are good at what you do and follow these steps, learning how to start an arborist business will be the first step on your road to entrepreneurial success!