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How to Start a Vehicle Wrap Business

How to Start a Vehicle Wrap Business

You have probably seen cars, trucks, and vans wrapped with advertising, and you might have wondered how to start a vehicle wrap business.  If so, read on, and learn what you’ll need to take advantage of this potentially lucrative business opportunity.

This fairly new marketing method is really catching on, and the market is expanding rapidly.  You can get in on this trend by either selling marketing space on your own vehicle, or by selling space to advertisers and partnering with one or more companies that have a fleet of vehicles they are willing to have wrapped for a cut of the profits.  Obviously, the opportunity for higher sales lies with fleets of vehicles, but many start out with their own vehicle and expand as demand increases.

What You’ll Need to Succeed in a Vehicle Wrap Business

As you think about how to start a vehicle wrap business, you might be wondering about the material that is used to wrap vehicles.  It is a thin layer of vinyl with a sticky backing that will adhere to the vehicle’s surface without damaging the paint underneath.  One of your first orders of business will be to find a dependable, skilled shop that offers vehicle wrapping services.  A shop that performs vehicle wrapping is not like a typical body or repair shop.  These facilities are climate controlled and clean.

Although you might start a vehicle wrap business on your own, most people who pursue this line of work end up hiring at least a small staff.  You will need someone to sell advertising, design ads, and transport vehicles to and from the wrapping shop.  While you can do all that yourself initially, your income will be limited by the time it takes to perform all these tasks.

A software program for designing graphics and creating quality ads is a must, as well as a reliable computer, printer, and other basic office equipment.  What is not usually necessary is a fancy office, so you can often run a vehicle wrap business out of your home.

Even though it is not necessary to have any specific training to start a vehicle wrap business, you will want to have a background in sales, marketing, and/or design.  All of these areas will come into play in your business.

How to Market a Vehicle Wrap Business

This is a hot marketing idea that many have seen on the roads.  This makes the sale of this idea much easier, but you will still need sales skills to close deals.  One of the best things you can do to attract attention to your business is to get your own vehicle wrapped and place an ad for your business on the vehicle.  Every time you drive your vehicle around town, you will be advertising your service wherever you go.

As you are learning how to start a vehicle wrap business, think of it as starting a marketing company.  Really, that is exactly what it is.  Although you have a very specific way you perform your marketing, the sales process is the same, and your target audience is the same.

Most who find success in the vehicle wrap business do so through hard work and expert sales presentations.  If your sales skills are not up to par, or if you don’t like cold calling, it will make sense to hire an experienced advertising sales person.  You’ll give up some of the profit for their commission, but if they are good, you’ll make up for it in spades, and you will fondly remember the day you learned how to start a vehicle wrap business!