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Do you have a love of the outdoors? Why not turn that love into a career that you’ll enjoy by learning how to start a trail riding business? There are a couple of different ways that a trail riding business can operate: You can supply the horses to your guests, or they can bring their own.

If the terrain is dangerous in any way, rides should be supervised. In safe areas, guests should be able to roam freely. Making sure that you’ve got very well-maintained trails, areas for shelter, grooming, and feeding the horses is very important as well as having a place where guests can change their clothing and get cleaned up after riding.

When first learning how to start a trail riding business, it’s important to know that your very biggest investment will be your horses and property. If you haven’t already got a large plot of your own land, you can find people who will rent out acreage of their land for trail rides.

In addition to land and the horses that you will need to purchase for your guests, you will also need to be able to provide shelter, medical attention, and food throughout the entire year. Since these things can really add up to quite a chunk of money, it’s a good idea to calculate your operating expenses as carefully as possible.

Safety First!
Although it won’t be a requirement to have formal training to learn how to start a trail riding business, having a fairly extensive riding background and also a lot of experience with caring for horses is very practical. For less experienced riders, you will need to give very basic and easy to understand riding instructions.

You will want to provide each guest with a map which lays the property out along with any potential dangers. Liability issues can be incredibly costly, so safety should always be at the forefront of your mind. Require advanced riders along with beginners to wear helmets. You never know when a horse may buck and result in one of your guests being thrown off.

In order to be successful when you learn how to start a trail riding business, it is of the utmost importance that you meet the needs of a very wide range of guests and provide them with well-maintained, yet somewhat challenging trails.

Finding Riders
Having a website that is very easy to use and simple to find can be a huge help. Make sure to detail all of your services and your prices. Include a wide assortment of pictures and also explain exactly why your trail riding is a fun activity for people of all ages.

Why not join some trail riding organizations? Once you’ve done so, make sure that your website is listed somewhere on their website so potential clients can see it. Doing so will help bring in riders who are more experienced and could even lead to a special event for your business. Never forget about the people who live in the area – the locals. Generate pamphlets that you can hand out, leave in local animal feed stores, tack shops, or anywhere else you can think of that equestrians have a tendency to visit.

Learning how to start a trail riding business is a pretty straight-forward and easy thing to do. Once you’ve got all the proper paperwork in order, the land, and the horses, you are well on your way to having a successful trail riding business!