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In many regions of the country, those who start a snow removal business have a very high potential for profit. Since it’s a service that can be started with a truck and a plow, it doesn’t take too much to get one running. When you’re really considering how to start a snow removal business, keep in mind that there is always room for growth. You can start with a truck and a plow for now and then grow later on.
Even kids can start a snow removal business. All they need is a snow shovel, broom, and lots of elbow grease. Although we’re going to be talking mainly of truck-based snow removal, it isn’t necessary to have a truck. You can start a snow removal business with the very basics.

What you will need
If you’re shooting for truck-based snow removal, make sure that you have a reliable truck which has the ability to get you to locations in the very worst of weather. Having your business name and number printed on your truck is not only a tax write-off, but will also generate future sales for you.
Go shopping and buy the proper clothing. You may be sitting comfortably in your truck doing snow removal, but you never know when you’ll have to jump out and take care of something manually. Having insulated and waterproof gear – including boots – is imperative.

Keys for success
Snow removal businesses can run nearly non-stop in the winter months, but remain unneeded during the summer months. In order to be successful, you’ll need to sign up as many clients as possible to make a profit. Make sure that you don’t sign up more than you can tend to, though. That would certainly hurt your business.
To make sure that you have a steady income during the snowy months, get as many ongoing removal contracts as you can, and always be willing to work on-call, as you never know when someone will need you.

Where to find clients
Starting with businesses is a great idea. They always need someone to remove snow for them, and they cannot generally do it themselves. Businesses usually have parking lots and sidewalks that will require snow removal in the winter months. Directly mail them or talk to the managers of the establishment to see if your services are needed. Apartment buildings, hospitals, clinics, libraries, grocery stores, schools, etc. all require snow removal services.
Placing ads in the newspaper or online along with the yellow pages are all great ideas to let people know all about your business and services that you offer. Placing fliers on bulletin boards in public places is another great idea.
In the right climate, a snow removal business offers a large market, and you can build quite an extensive customer base. Although it can be somewhat competitive, by offering superior services and customer service, you’ll go a long way when you learn how to start snow removal business!