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How to Start a Security Business

How to Start a Security Business

With a background in military or law enforcement, learning how to start a security business might be a natural fit. Those backgrounds aren’t required of course. Starting a security business is open to anyone willing to do all it takes to make it happen.

Even though crime rates have dropped in many areas for certain crimes, theft, robbery, and property crimes are still a major issue, and violent crime is a big problem in many areas. Companies and families with money hire security companies to protect their people and property, and they pay these companies very well. This presents a great opportunity for those who learn how to start a security company.


What You’ll Need to Succeed in a Security Business

If you plan to conduct security yourself, you will need training and certification. Again, having military, security, or law enforcement experience will give you some of the training you will need. If your plan is to hire security guards and simply run the operation, you won’t need the same training, but it would be a very good idea to get the training so you know everything your employees know about their jobs.

Private security training schools can be found throughout the country, and some vocational schools and state programs offer security guard training as well. Getting certified and licensed will happen through your state. As we are talking about not only becoming a security guard but starting a security business, you will also need to get a business license, and you’ll definitely need a good business insurance policy. Additionally, some states will require you to be branded, and you will need additional training and permits if you plan to carry a weapon.

Depending on the size of your security company from the start, startup costs can run from several thousand to over fifty thousand dollars. The only exception would be if you plan to simply be a freelance security guard with no employees or office.

Marketing a Security Business

A good way to start your marketing is with a quality website, and you can start to have it built even while learning how to start a security business. Make sure it is easy to navigate, and have it optimized for search engine rankings. You want your site to come up any time someone searches for security related keywords in your area.

In addition to a web presence, going out and speaking with companies who use security firms is a good way to gain clients – as long as you have something to offer them that they are not currently getting. To make sure you’re setting yourself apart, you will need to do extensive research on your competition.

Networking within your business community is another way to meet and get to know company owners and managers. Building these relationships takes time, but the end result is well worth it. If you do it right, they will refer your business to others they know, and that can snowball into a thriving security business.