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How to Start a Scooter Rental Business

How to Start a Scooter Rental Business

If you would like to start a scooter rental business, we can’t possibly give you every detail but we will give you a good overview to gear you  in the right direction!

A scooter rental business rents a variety of motor scooters and helmets to customers for  short time use. The scooters can be rented by the hour or by the day. The customer presents a valid drivers license and credit card, and agrees to the rental term agreement, which usually contains a liability waiver and safety guidelines. The shop can also give operating instructions to make the renter feel comfortable with the scooter and navigating the surrounding area. The scooter store could  also make money by offering scooter repair to scooter owners.

Scooters are a popular mode of transportation if you are in a tourist destination. Scooters are a fun and unique way for tourists to get around the city quickly, site see and save money on gas, parking, guided tours or car rentals. It is an experience that the tourist will talk about when they return home.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

Your will need a source or manufacturer to supply your scooters on a lease basis or by buying them. Since there are several manufacturers, work to get the best discount for a multiple buy or even consider used vehicles that are in great condition. A working knowledge of scooter engine mechanics, a few tools and following manufacturer-advised routine maintenance will keep your scooters running longer without costly repairs. Even taking a course in scooter mechanics would be beneficial.

You’ll need to obtain a business license, business insurance and have knowledge of general business practices and rules of the road in your community. In addition to a standard business license, you will have to license each vehicle and may need a special permit or license to rent out motor vehicles. You will definitely need a specific kind of insurance policy that covers the vehicles and protects you from liability in case of accident.

To start a scooter rental store, you will  need to have several scooters available for rental especially at peak times but not so many that they sit unused. Rent a scooter from the your competition as a “tourist” and ask some questions. See what you liked and did not like about the service, the brand of scooter, the  contractual paperwork and the pricing.

Other than the  scooters, you will also need to purchase a couple of helmets in several sizes for each scooter. These should have your company name on them as a riding advertisement that we rented a scooter and are having fum. Having some area maps and discount coupons, that you may receive free of charge from the local tourism bureau, would also add perceived value to the renter.  You will need a way to  quickly refuel, clean, service and store  your scooters as they are returned.

Marketing Your Scooter Rental Business

Once you have everything you need, you need to market your business and let people know about your service. In a tourist area, a prominent location is the key to success.  If you are located where tourists regularly stay, eat and relax it will be easier to show the tourist that they can have some fun by renting a scooter on the spot. Another idea is to partner with another business which has some space in their parking lot to rent to you. This would give you the exposure you need at a reduced cost but you may need to take your scooters to another location at night to safely store. If you are not in such a location, you’ll need more advertising as a way to entice people to visit your scooter rental store.

One good method to use is to partner with local hotels and tourism bureau to place a flyer for your service in each room or the lobby with a concierge. Schoomzing with hotel concierges and letting they try the scooters will also help bring business to your location. Restaurants and bars might also have an area or rack for local attractions and businesses to advertise. They may even have special parking areas for scooters to park further promoting scooter riding in that area. On your ad or brochure, add a discount coupon and a clear map or directions to your location. Give locals, especially ones who own scooters, t – shirts with your business name location on them so they can be a riding advertisement for you. This  is a business expense but it will be worth it if it brings in customers.

Learning how to start a scooter rental business takes some investment in money and time. This overview has hopefully provided you with some suggestions and information of the great opportunities down the road if you decide to start a scooter rental store.