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For those looking for a great business with a lot of expansion possibilities, consider learning how to start a roof cleaning business. Even home owners who do most of the work around their house themselves would rather hire someone to clean their roof.

You might think that when you start a roof cleaning business you will only be busy during the fall and spring, when leaves must be cleared from roofs and gutters. But you can stay busy in the winter as well, clearing snow from roofs. So a roof cleaning business can be a profitable year round business.


What You’ll Need to be Successful

In order to be successful in your roof cleaning business, you will need to be in good shape. The work is demanding and takes stamina and strength. You’ll also need to know how to safely use the necessary equipment. This equipment includes: power washers, ladders, rakes, shovels, cleaning products, and safety belts. You will need a reliable truck or van to get you, your crew, and all your equipment from one job to the next as well.

It is also a good idea to have a good cell phone and a GPS in your vehicle so you can easily find locations where you’ve been hired to clean roofs. And don’t forget to purchase insurance as well. A good liability policy is a must, and many home owners won’t hire you without it, as it protects them if you accidentally get hurt or damage their home while on the job.

To determine your pricing for roof cleaning services, it is important to check out your competition in the area. Find out what services they offer and what they charge for those services. Then make sure your pricing is competitive, without pricing yourself so low that you loose money.

When you start a roof cleaning business, you will need to get a business license, and, depending on your state, you might need other permits to do this kind of work. You’ll probably want to have some business cards printed, as well as some estimate sheets with your company’s name on them.

Marketing Your Roof Cleaning Business

While it is very easy to learn how to start a roof cleaning business, getting customers might be another story. You’ve got to convince people that they need the service and that you are capable of doing a great job at a fair price.

Local advertising, including the local newspaper, free papers, and bulletin boards are all good ideas to get the word out. If you have a budget for it, consider some radio spots or even local TV spots as well. As your business grows and you have satisfied customers, ask them for testimonials and referrals. This will help you bring in business more than any other form of marketing.

The key to being successful when you start a roof cleaning business is to take great care of your customers and their homes, and to do a great job. If you do that, word will get around, and you’ll be glad you took the path to entrepreneurship!