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How to Start a Restoration Business

How to Start a Restoration Business

For someone who is good with their hands and has the proper training and tools, learning how to start a restoration business can be a great entry into self employment. As the owner of a restoration business, you will serve customers who need restoration services to bring their home or items back to their original glory.

Sometimes these belongings have been damaged by a natural disaster, and often they are simply the victims of time and normal wear and tear. In any case, your success will depend on your skill and know how, along with your ability to finish jobs on time and care for your customers’ belongings.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

Before going too far into learning how to start a restoration business, you will want to decide which types of restoration you will perform for your customers. Some people who start a restoration business work to restore old homes, some restore furniture, and others focus just on wood floors or other specialty areas.

You will also need to decide how you will start off your business. Will you hire employees or do it all yourself at first? Many people start a restoration business without employees and then add staff over time, as business picks up. This allows you to get your business started without the expense of recruiting and hiring employees.

Another important consideration when thinking about how to start a restoration business is competition. Be sure to check out your local competitors. Find out what their specialties are and if there are any gaps in services that you can help fill. Also get a sense of what they charge and how they operate. It could be that there is a strong competitor in your chosen area of expertise, but they don’t treat customers well. This can be an opportunity to offer the same service with outstanding customer care and win the competitive battle.

Depending on your concentration, you might be able to work from home, at least at first, or it might make more sense for you to open a shop. If you plan on restoring items and then selling them, a shop is your best bet. If you’d rather work on just a few items at a time and can pick them up at your customers’ homes, you will be adding value to your service and can save the overhead of a retail shop.

If you plan to sell items, you might need a resale tax permit from your state, and you will need a business license to operate this or any business.
Keeping high standards of materials and workmanship will gain you a reputation for quality work, and you will soon find that word of mouth might just support much of your business. Add on time delivery of work and treating customers well, and you’ll have a combination that has all your customers singing your praises. Then, some day you will look back on when you first learned how to start a restoration business and be very glad you took the first step!