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Anyone with experience in the cleaning industry would be wise to learn how to start a rental property cleaning business. As renters move in and out of rental properties, the owners and managers of those properties often hire rental property cleaning professionals to clean the properties to get them ready for the next tenants.

Because properties are left in all manner of disarray and all levels of cleanliness, you will not just need to be able to clean well, but you’ll also be responsible for removing any trash or belongings left behind. Most rental property cleaning services also offer minor repairs as part of their services as well.

What You’ll Need to be Successful

Before you start a rental property cleaning business, it is important to determine if the need exists in your area for such a service. The market for rental property cleaning services is exploding, but you want to be sure your market can sustain all your competition plus you.

While you are researching competitors, determine if there is something you can offer that they do not. This can simply be outstanding service or some offering they do not provide. Anything you can do to make your company more attractive to property owners will give you an advantage.

To be successful when you start a rental property cleaning business, you will need to have a working knowledge of cleaning products and chemicals, and how to use them safely and effectively. Also learn about natural cleaning products that have a low impact on the environment. In fact, this move could be what differentiates you from your competition, and it is something that is important to more and more people now. Be an expert on cleaning products and their uses.

In order to start a rental property cleaning business, you’ll need certain equipment and supplies. These include: cleaning products, mops, sponges, rags, brooms, and buckets. Also invest in a very good vacuum cleaner and a wet dry vacuum as well. Most of these services also offer carpet cleaning, so you will want to have carpet cleaning equipment on your list of necessary supplies. Lastly, you’ll need a van or truck to transport all your supplies and equipment, as well as any workers you have helping you.

Just as with all businesses, you will need to obtain a business license and any specific permits required by your city, county or state governments. Also be sure to get a good business liability insurance policy to protect yourself.

You can easily market your business by placing ads in the local rental magazines. These are frequently browsed by property owners, so make your ad stand out so they notice you. Also bring business cards around to the rental property management agencies in your town. Even if they have a service they use now, they might be able to refer overflow work to you, and if you prove yourself, who knows – they just might switch.

Let your customer service and your winning personality speak for you, and you’ll be glad you learned how to start a rental property cleaning business, because you’ll be well on your way to entrepreneurial success.