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How to Start a Private Jet Cleaning Business

How to Start a Private Jet Cleaning Business

Many people never even consider the possibility of learning how to start a private jet cleaning business, but for anyone with cleaning or janitorial experience, it can be a very good business.  People who start a private jet cleaning business charge more than those who clean houses or offices, and the work isn’t any more difficult.

Profit margins can be high in the private jet cleaning business, because the people who own private jets can typically afford to pay high fees.  They expect to get the best when they pay for something though, so you have to be very good at what you do.  Keeping your standards high in all areas is one way to ensure your success in this business.

What You’ll Need to Start a Private Jet Cleaning Business

In order to start a private jet cleaning business, you will need to get clearance and permission from the airport where you will be working.  It’s a good idea to research this piece prior to starting your business, so you know all the rules and regulations.

Of course you will also need to get a business license as well as a good business insurance policy.  Make sure you are covered for any accidental damage your company might cause, as nothing on a private jet is inexpensive to repair.

To start a private jet cleaning business, you will need to be ready on a moment’s notice to clean and detail the inside of your clients’ planes.  If you do it right, you probably won’t have a lot of control of your hours, as you will need to respond to the needs of your clients.  In return, they will make it worth the effort.

Among the supplies you will need to have at the ready to operate a private jet cleaning company are cleaning and dusting agents, a quality vacuum for the carpet and seats of the jet, carpet stain remover for spot cleaning, window cleaner for all glass surfaces, wood and metal polish, and trash bags.

Your goal is for the interior of every jet you clean to be sparkling clean and impressive to your clients and their friends, family, and colleagues who fly with them.  Some cleaning services even leave flowers or candy, along with a card as a nice gesture.

Handling all requests that come your way from your clients will build trust and let them know they can count on you.  This way, when you want to expand your jet cleaning business, they will be willing to use you for the additional services you offer.   These services that you can add to your business include restocking food and drinks on the plane, arranging for refueling, and even maintaining a schedule for shared jets.  The more you can offer your clients, the more they will come to depend on you, and of course the more money you will make.

Learning how to start a private jet cleaning business can be both fun and profitable.  It will take hard work and great customer service to be successful. If you’re willing to deliver that, you can go far in the private jet cleaning business.