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How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business

How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business

If you are looking for a business that includes fresh air and sunshine, consider learning how to start a pool cleaning business! Whether you are a young person looking for summer income or an adult looking for a viable small business idea, learning how to start a pool cleaning business could work swimmingly for you.

Pool cleaning services offer swimming pool cleaning and chemical testing for both  residential and commercial pool owners. Homeowners with pools hire a pool cleaning service to prepare their pool for the summer or the winter. They also  hire pool cleaners on a monthly basis to maintain a clean, chemically balanced  swimming pool.

Even if you live in a cold climate during the winter, you can still offer your pool cleaning business by to hotels, gyms, health clubs, resort spas and residences that have indoor pools.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

Your top consideration while learning to start a pool cleaning business, and throughout your career, will be safety for you and any employees. You will often be working by yourself. Be sure you know how to swim well enough to get to the other end of a pool and know basic water safety. The pool chemicals you will be using also require a knowledge of safe handling and usage. One more safety consideration is the sun damage to your skin form the daily exposure. Always be sure to wear sunscreen, reapply it often, and proper attire when working outside in the sun.

You will need a business license and a source for your pool chemicals and supplies.

Once you are comfortable that you can safely run a pool cleaning business, start to learn more about the duties involved in swimming pool cleaning like sweeping and testing. In addition to keeping the pool clean and crystal clear, the cleaners also keep the area around the pool clean and safe.

You will need to know how to test the pool water for proper chemical levels, how much chemical (and which ones) to add when needed. A sparkling clear pool without overwhelming chemical smell with  no bottom or floating debris are what your customers will expect from your service.

As part of your service you  will  also want to be knowledgeable on how to maintain the filters, fittings, linings, tile, surrounds and drains of swimming pools. For large issues that are beyond your knowledge, you will at least need to inform the pool owner as soon as you notice a problem and even suggest a company who could offer a solution.

Supplies necessary for starting a pool cleaning business include chemical testing kits, a telescoping pole with a net at the end for retrieving leaves and debris, pool chemicals, and brushes. You will also need a truck or van to transport  your supplies.  Advertise your pool cleaning service on your vehicle with a magnetic sign or vinyl lettering so neighbors can see that you are available and ask about your service. Wear attire, T-shirts or polos, with your company name as a walking billboard for your business and conversation starter. Always have some business cards and quotation forms so you are ready for a new client. There is no shame to being eager to offer your services and ask for the business.

When first considering how to start a pool cleaning business, it might seem  that you could make more money from commercial accounts but those jobs are more time consuming and harder to get just starting out. Starting out  with residential customers will not only provide the needed experience to confidently prospect, sell and manage commercial accounts, but homeowners are also more likely to give you a chance and the necessary referrals when you are first starting out.

The best way to market your pool cleaning business is to get your name in front of your potential customers. Going door to door with flyers in neighborhoods you know to have a lot of swimming pools can give you a start. Have a friend with a pool? Offer to clean it for free for practice and  just to get referrals on your service. Park your van prominently in front of the house  where you are cleaning. Also ask for winter business to cover pools or clean out falling leaves or storm debris. Before long you will have potential customers asking for quotes. Ask for testimonials and referrals from satisfied customers to help grow your business. Finally, once you have experience and some great references approach hotels, spas and gyms for their pool cleaning needs.

Eventually you can dive into your pool cleaning business to add services and even hire employees to cover a larger area. At that point, your learning how to start a pool cleaning business was the right move!