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How to Start a Polished Concrete Business

How to Start a Polished Concrete Business

To learn how to start a polished concrete business, you don’t have to have any special schooling. You just need a will to work hard and do whatever it takes to be a success. This is a rapidly growing industry, as polished concrete becomes more popular all the time for both residential and commercial applications.

Because polished concrete looks so much better than plain concrete, is very low maintenance, and has a high durability, many businesses and homeowners are choosing this service, and you can easily stay busy when you start a polished concrete business.

What You’ll Need to Succeed with a Polished Concrete Business

While it isn’t difficult to learn how to start a polished concrete business, there is some learning involved in the process of installation, decorating, and polishing concrete. Additionally, starting a polished concrete business is somewhat of an artistic endeavor. This is because the coatings and additives you will use come in a wide variety of colors, and you will need to advise your clients on what will look best for their project.

When learning the ins and outs of the polished concrete business, you will want to learn how to install fresh concrete and decorate it as you go, and you’ll need to know how to work with existing concrete as well. Many trade and community colleges as well as some organizations dedicated specifically to teaching about polished concrete offer classes throughout the US. Check online to find courses in your area.

In most states, a contractor’s license is required to have this kind of business, so check with your state to find out what kind of testing and certification you must obtain before offering your services to clients. You’ll also need a standard business license, and you will want a good business insurance policy to protect you and your company.

To start a polished concrete business, you’ll need to purchase some equipment and supplies. The type of business you take on will dictate exactly what you’ll need, but some tools and supplies are pretty universal, such as: an upright and a handheld concrete polisher; several grit levels of diamond abrasive disks; a concrete grinder; the usual concrete installation tools; concrete epoxies and stains; and equipment to capture dust.

All this equipment can often be found used and in good shape, but your startup costs will still be a few thousand dollars, unless you already have a lot of the necessary tools and equipment. If you’re able to provide outstanding quality and service, you’ll be busy before long, and you can always upgrade your equipment once your revenue allows it.

How to Market a Polished Concrete Business

As you think about how to start a polished concrete business, you’ll need to decide who your target audience is going to be. If you plan to take on primarily commercial clients, you’ll want to target your advertising to retail outlets, manufacturers, new and used car showrooms, hotel and office complex lobbies, and restaurant and bar flooring. For residential customers, it isn’t just their garages you will provide flooring solutions for. Kitchens, walkways, and bathroom floors are also great candidates for your services.

When you learn how to start a polished concrete business, you have many expansion opportunities, including offering related services and even opening new locations or franchising your business model. The options are plenty, and it all depends on your goals and willingness to make it happen.