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If you’ve been thinking of different easy ways to make some money, you might want to consider learning how to start a plant sitting business. From office buildings to homes, people have a great fondness for the warmth and hominess that plants can add to a space.
When people go on vacations and business trips, they are risking coming home to wilted or dead plants. The only way to get around this is to have someone to take care of the plants for them. This is where you can step in. By learning how to start a plant sitting business, you are providing continual care for people’s plants, and it takes very minimal time and effort to do it. Not only is this a good idea for an adult looking into a home based business, but it is also a good idea for teenagers who need some spending money.

What to Do
Plant sitting is much more of a responsibility than simply tending to plants. People who hire you trust you with their home or office, which means you very well could have access to all of their belongings. They need to feel safe and confident in knowing that you would never invade their privacy – or worse, steal from them. So trustworthiness is the very first quality that you need to have.
Having a good base knowledge of plant care is important. Knowing the difference between a Posey and a Hosta is a pretty big deal. Different types of plants require different types of care. Buy a good book that will show you plant identification and one that also includes pictures for reference. Visiting a local nursery and walking around familiarizing yourself with the different types of plants is a great way to learn. Get to know the staff a little bit so that if you ever have questions, you have a reliable source to turn to.

Spread the Word!
Once you’ve learned the basics of how to start a plant sitting business, you need to think about getting customers. Since your plant sitting business is locally based, that is where you’ll want to advertise. Make sure that all of your neighbors know of the services you offer and that you’re available if they ever need you. You should also advertise in different free newspapers that most towns offer. You can also ask local hardware and gardening stores if they’re okay with you placing a small stack of business cards on their counter. You might be surprised at how many people will be willing to help you!
Once you’ve completed a job, make sure that you check back with your client to ensure that they are happy and satisfied with your work. If they tell you that you did a good job, ask them if you can use their name as a reference. Also, offering repeat customer discounts is another way to keep customers. The possibilities are really endless. As long as you’ve got the drive, knowledge, and dedication, you can have a successful plant sitting business in no time!