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Learning how to start a plant rental business is probably more involved than most imagine, but overall, it is not that difficult, and it can be a fun way to enter the world of the self employed. You’ll need to plan carefully and do your research, but just about anyone can do it.

Plant rental business owners service local businesses that need to brighten up their offices and bring some life to an otherwise dreary atmosphere. You’ve seen these plants in waiting rooms, corporate buildings, offices, and other professional areas. Most of the plants you see in those areas are rented, because those running the businesses or the building don’t have the time or expertise to take care of plants themselves. That’s why the plants we see in these areas are almost always in such great shape!

The other potential area for plant rentals is outside, at events such as weddings or outside parties. Other possible outdoor venues include outdoor atriums and courtyards.

What You’ll Need to be Successful

When you start a plant rental business, it is very different from most types of rental businesses. Not only will you be placing plants for your clients; you will be required to care for and maintain the plants as well. For this reason, a strong understanding of plants and what it takes to keep them healthy is essential for this business. You’ll be expected to be an expert on various types of plants, and your clients will be disappointed if your plants die or are not in good shape.

To determine if a market exists in your area for a plant rental business, visit several office buildings and other venues that are likely to use rented plants. See if their decorative plants are well cared for and properly maintained, and determine if there is an opportunity to do better. Building administrators will be a good source of information for you, so be friendly to them, and see what you can find out about potential competition.

Once you know a little about your competition, try to investigate their pricing structure to figure out if you will be able to be competitive while maintaining a healthy profit. Remember to consider all your expenses, including your gas and wear and tear on your vehicle while driving from one office to the next.

If you determine that there is a need for your service and that you can start a profitable plant rental business, it is time to begin forming relationships with local nurseries and plant growers. You should be able to buy plants at wholesale prices, and you might be able to negotiate additional bulk discounts. Once you buy plants, you will also need a place to keep them that is climate controlled.

Your greatest asset when learning how to start a plant rental business is your personality. If you take great care of your customers and your suppliers, you will be well on your way to success. You’ll get referrals and become known as the local plant expert with the green thumb!