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How to Start a Pet Crematory Business

How to Start a Pet Crematory Business

Learning how to start a pet crematory business is not something many entrepreneurs think of, which is probably a good thing for those willing to go into this lucrative business. The pet services industry is growing rapidly in all areas, including this one.

When you start a pet crematory business, you will be helping pet owners deal with the loss of a member of their family.  You should be someone who understands the importance of pets in people’s lives and who can demonstrate compassion and caring in these difficult circumstances.

As the owner of a pet crematory business, you will meet with owners of pets who have recently passed away, receive the pet’s body, and store the remains in a temperature controlled setting until they are cremated.  Once the pet is cremated, the pet’s owner will either take the ashes in a container, like an urn, or they will allow you to properly dispose of the remains.

What You’ll Need to Succeed in a Pet Crematory Business

As you think about how to start a pet crematory business, one consideration will be location.  To a large extent, this will be determined by your city’s zoning laws, so research these regulations to determine where you are allowed to have a pet crematory.

While many pet crematory businesses are located in industrial areas, keep in mind that your clientele will want to experience a comfortable, nicely appointed area when they enter your business.  A delivery area where pet owners and veterinarians can drop off deceased pets will also be necessary.

Your largest expense when starting a pet crematory business will likely be a cremation furnace, but you will also need a refrigerated area to keep remains in until cremation takes place, as well as an area to store ashes, keeping each individual cremation separate.

Your office should have standard office equipment, including a reliable computer and printer, and you will need contracts for your customers, as well as certificates of cremation.

Be sure to check with your local licensing agencies to learn the requirements for owning a pet crematory in your area.  Pet crematories are not as closely regulated as those for humans, but they still have specific requirements, often including special licensing.

You will also want to make sure that anyone operating the cremation equipment is well trained, as it can be quite dangerous.  Make sure you have a good insurance policy and worker’s compensation insurance as well.

How to Market a Pet Crematory Business

Your primary source of business will be animal hospitals and veterinarians.  When an owner’s pet passes away, the owner has the option of retrieving the body or allowing the facility to arrange for cremation.  Very often the pet owner will choose cremation, and that is where your business comes in.

To market to veterinarians and pet hospitals, get out and meet the owners and managers of these businesses.  Have some high quality, attractive literature designed and printed, and leave copies of it for the office to give to grieving pet owners.  If you make sure you communicate your heartfelt sympathy and care, the owners will feel comfortable arranging for you to take their pet.

While learning how to start a pet crematory business is not for everyone, those who go into this business find it to be very profitable, and it can be satisfying to know you are helping grieving pet owners through a very difficult time.