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How to Start a Party Tent Rental Business

How to Start a Party Tent Rental Business

Learn how to start a party tent rental business. No matter where you live, party tents are needed for outdoor events, VIP areas, corporate events, wedding receptions and family reunions, as well as for auctions and countless other events.

What You’ll Need to Succeed with a Party Tent Rental Business

You will nee some start up capital to invest in your tents. You can start a party tent rental business with a single small or medium sized tent. Of course you will want to expand beyond that as soon as possible. The type of tents you will use is another consideration. There are a few different styles, and some are more suitable for certain purposes or in certain conditions than others. Make contacts with caterers, auctioneers and car dealers to decide which tents your customers are likely to prefer. The tent needs to be sturdy for windy conditions, be clean and attractive.

Erecting a party tent is not necessarily an easy job, but the manufacturer can give you pointers and training. It does, however, take several people and a vehicle to haul it. So you won’t be able to run this business by yourself. The good news is that you will only need to hire people when there is a tent to put up or take down, so you aren’t likely to need full time employees for a while. A temp service, day labor service or strong students may be all you need The people you hire may very well come in contact with your clients so make sure you screen and train them well to be courteous and professional.

A business license is necessary for any business, including a party tent rental business. You will want a very good liability insurance policy. You’ll also need to arrange for workers comp insurance if you hire employees. It using a temp agency this may not be necessary.

Beyond that, you’ll want to have business cards for networking and sales calls, a computer for quotations and billing customers. You will need to have a large area, such as a large garage or warehouse, where you can keep your tents, clean and repair  when they are not in use. Once you have rented your tent, take pictures of your tent and the event to show potential clients. Also ask for referrals from satisfied clients.

Expanding Your Party Tent Rental Business

When first thinking about how to start a party tent rental business, it might seem premature to think about expansion. Many people who start a party tent rental business also rent tables and chairs, bar supplies, punch fountains, coffee urns, helium balloon tanks, decorative arches, lighting and other catering items expanding into full line party rentals partnering with event planners , caterers, entertainment companies so their clients can come to a single source for all their party needs.

Learning how to start a party tent rental business can definitely be the start of something much bigger than any tent. It takes the  investment of inventory and hard work to realize your entrepreneurial dreams!