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How to Start a Party Bus Business

How to Start a Party Bus Business

Anyone who has experienced a party bus might wonder how to start a party bus business of their own.  It can be both fun and profitable to go into the party bus business for yourself.  Of course there is work involved too, and you will need to learn to be diplomatic and be able to handle situations where a guest gets unruly, but those should be the exception.  Most people who use your party bus will just want to have a great time.

Starting a party bus business involves driving party goers to and from destinations that are prearranged or requested by your guests.  In some cases, party buses drive a regular route that takes partiers from one bar to the next.  Guests will either buy tickets to ride your party bus, or groups will arrange ahead of time to charter your bus.  Weekend nights and holidays will be very busy times for your party bus business.

What You’ll Need to Start a Party Bus Business

When considering how to start a party bus business, the first thing that might come to mind is the need for at least one bus.  The larger the vehicle you acquire, the more people can fit on it, so the more money you will make.  Party buses come in all sizes though, from large vans to full sized buses. As your party bus business grows, it is a good idea to add vehicles and ultimately have several different sizes of party bus for different occasions and needs.

In addition to a vehicle, you will want to supply refreshments to your passengers, and you’ll want to decorate your party bus.  Some groups who charter your bus will have special requests, and the more willing you are to accommodate them, the more likely they will be to book your services again and again.  A variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages and snacks will be a good idea for your party bus, regardless of the group.  You’ll also want to have cleaning equipment at the ready to keep your party bus clean at all times.

Aside from driving partiers around, you will be running a real business once you learn how to start a party bus business, so basic business skill will be necessary.  Plan to have a home office with typical office needs, such as a good computer and printer, a phone system, and software programs to help you manage your business.  Scheduling software will be especially important when you start a party bus business.

In order to start a party bus business, you will need to have a business license as well as special permits, which can vary from state to state.  In all states, the driver of your party bus will be required to obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL), in order to transport paying passengers.  You might also need to obtain a liquor license and other certifications.  Check with your local licensing office to be sure you have all you need before getting started.

Another consideration when thinking about how to start a party bus business is insurance.  You will want a very good, comprehensive insurance policy that protects you, your business, your vehicles, and your passengers.

You need a lot to start a party bus business, but the payoff can be tremendous.  And not only is the business lucrative, it can be a lot of fun as well!