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How to Start a Parking Lot Striping Business

How to Start a Parking Lot Striping Business

Have you ever wondered how to start a parking lot striping business?  If so, you’ve come to the right place!  This in demand, flexible business opportunity offers those who start it the potential for a lucrative living.

We’ve all seen the stripes in parking lots, showing where people can and cannot park their cars, where pedestrians should walk, and designating which parking spaces are reserved for the handicapped.  But did you ever stop to think that every one of those lines and symbols was painted by someone who had the entrepreneurial spirit to start a parking lot striping business?


What You’ll Need to Succeed with a Parking Lot Striping Business

For lots that have existing striping, it isn’t difficult to learn how to start a parking lot striping business.  For new lots though, the owner of a parking lot striping business must possess math and logic skills.  Anticipating the flow of traffic and planning the perfect arrangement of striping to accommodate it takes planning ability too.

There are standards and regulations for much of what you’ll paint in parking lots, but you also have to make your own decisions about a parking lot layout that is most advantageous to customers, as well as the business owner.  Striking a balance between parking spots that are too wide (causing there to be fewer spaces) and too narrow (causing customer frustration) is a big part of your job when you start a parking lot striping business.

While it doesn’t have to cost too much to start a parking lot striping business, you will need to make an equipment investment.  Purchasing either an airless or compressed air striping machine will be one of your first orders of business.

For the paint you’ll use to stripe parking lots, the surface will dictate what you will use.  Concrete and asphalt, for example, require different types of paint.  In all cases, it is important to choose a paint that lasts long, covers well in one application, and is easy to apply.  Also consider the environment by investing in paint products that are environmentally responsible.

The other equipment you’ll need includes a power washer and blower to clear lots before striping them.  You will also need to have tape and stencils to guide you when applying parking lot paint.

How to Market a Parking Lot Striping Business

If you plan to focus on new parking lots, a great source of contact information will be found in your city planning department.  There, you can find out who has requested a permit to create a parking lot, the size of the lots, and their locations.

You can then contact the developers of these locations to pitch your services. Grocery stores, apartment complexes, and schools are examples of construction projects you might want to target.

If you plan on mostly concentrating on existing parking lots that need striping, finding potential clients couldn’t be easier.  Simply drive around your city and look for lots in need of your services.  Then approach the managers of those businesses and sell the advantages of your company.

It will take some sales skills and hard work to really make it big when you learn how to start a parking lot striping business, but you’ll find that your hard work and skills will pay off in a big way!