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For anyone who has a love of cars, learning how to start a mobile car detailing business might just be a great match. Americans certainly love their cars, and people like to keep them clean but don’t always want to do the cleaning themselves.

That’s where those who start a mobile car detailing business come in. This business can take a few different forms, so it’s ideal for a range of entrepreneurs. Whether you’re looking for something that can be a one-person business or have the desire to start a larger operation, learning how to start a mobile car detailing business could be the key to your entrepreneurial dreams.

However you set up your business, your objective will be to take great care of your customers’ cars and get them sparkling clean. You’ll be traveling to their location, getting the keys from them, washing, waxing, and cleaning the car’s interior, then returning the keys and receiving payment for your work.


Tools for Success
You’ll need to purchase basic cleaning equipment for your mobile car detailing business, such as cloths, brushes, buckets, sponges, glass and interior cleaning products, and car wax. Additionally, you’ll need to have a commercial grade vacuum.

You don’t want to use a product wrong and do damage to your customer’s car, so familiarize yourself with all your products and the cleaning techniques you’ll use, by researching on the internet.

In addition to cleaning products, you’ll need to have a good hose and a long extension cord. Remember, you might be detailing cars in a parking lot where an electrical outlet isn’t readily accessible, so you might also consider purchasing a generator.

As with any business, you’ll also want to obtain a business license and a business insurance policy with liability coverage. In case damage is inadvertently done to a customer’s car, you want to be sure you’re well protected.

Marketing Your Mobile Car Detailing Business
A big part of learning how to start a mobile car detailing business is thinking about how to get customers. While there are millions of cars and trucks in the US, and they all need cleaning at some point, getting the word out about your business and maximizing your time might be the hard part.

One idea to make the most of your time and keep a steady stream of business coming is to contact companies with fleets of vehicles, like limousine services. They need to keep their vehicles clean at all times, so they’re great candidates for your service. There is an opportunity there for long term contracts, as well as on-call services.

The other business type that will naturally come to mind is car dealerships. Some of the larger car lots will have in-house detail shops, but many of the smaller lots (especially used car lots) don’t.

Individual consumers are a great target market as well. Everyone loves a clean car, and if you’re offering your services at a good price, your mobile car detailing business can benefit from impulse buys. Visit large professional office buildings, and let the workers know you’re in the area today. You might just pick up enough business to stay busy for days in a single office building that employs hundreds of people.

With some planning and a great attitude, you can learn how to start a mobile car detailing business and have a thriving company before you know it. Many have started as a one-person operation and expanded into a fleet of detailers. It’s just a matter of taking great care of your customers and sticking with it!