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How to Start a Mail Drop Business

How to Start a Mail Drop Business

When you first learn how to start a mail drop business, you might feel like you’re missing something.  This is because it is such an easy business to start and run.  It does take work and proper planning, but just about anyone can learn the business in a short time, and if you have experience with shipping packages, you are even closer to the reality of starting a mail drop business.

When you start a mail drop business, your company will be considered a CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency).  Your customers will be able to rent a mailbox from you to send and receive packages and other mail.  This is very convenient for customers for a couple of reasons.  First, your store might be a lot closer to their house than a post office, or it might be on their way to and from work.  Secondly, most national shippers will not ship to a post office box but will ship to a CMRA.

Your mail drop business will also be a great choice for people who have businesses they run from home, if they do not want to put their home address on correspondence.  This is especially true if you can offer an address in an upscale business area, to give their clients a good impression.

What You’ll Need to Start a Mail Drop Business

One important consideration when deciding how to start a mail drop business is location.  You want to open your mail drop store in an area that has easy access, lots of parking, and a desirable zip code. Your store will need to have room for a bank of several different sized mailboxes, and the ability to expand to offer more mailboxes is always a good idea.

In addition to mailboxes, your mail drop business will also need a secure area to keep incoming and outgoing packages for your customers, and you will want to be sure there is plenty of counter space for people to write out their shipping labels.

When shipping packages for customers, you will need the ability to weigh the parcels, ring up sales, and print shipping labels.  So you will have to have a computer system, scales, and a printer at the least.  Your computer system will also be used to track packages and bill your customers for their mailbox rentals.

The shipping companies you use in your mail drop business, including the post office, will supply the necessary paperwork for your customers to ship with them, so there is no expense involved there, but you will need to meet some requirements.

All CMRAs must meet requirements set by the US Postal Service and be registered and approved by their local post office.  The application process for USPS approval involves filling out a Form 1583A and providing proper identification.

Being highly organized and having basic business skills is a must for anyone looking into how to start a mail drop business, but again, it doesn’t take any special training or knowledge, so just about anyone can learn how to start a mail drop business and make a success of it.