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How to Start a Locksmith Business

How to Start a Locksmith Business

If you have mechanical abilities and like being the one to come to the rescue, think about how to start a locksmith business. Locks are everywhere we look, and learning how to become a locksmith will present you with a great business opportunity.

For every lock, there is potentially someone who has locked themselves out. Locksmiths are called to help someone get into their car, house, or office every hour of every day. People also call on a locksmith to re-key and install locks and, in some cases, to open safes.

What You’ll Need to Succeed as a Locksmith

Learning how to become a locksmith takes some training. There are training programs offered all over the country at community colleges, trade schools, and even online. These courses teach all you need to know about locksmithing, from how to make a key to how to open a locked car door. You’ll also learn the proper tools to use for each job, and you’ll have a chance to practice your skills as you learn.

Certification is the next step, once you’ve finished your locksmith training. From there, learning how to start a locksmith business comes down to the management and marketing side of things.

As you were learning how to become a locksmith, hopefully you purchased the tools you will need for your business. You’ll also need basic office equipment, like a computer, printer, and general office supplies. You can work from home or open a shop, depending on your startup budget and whether or not you plan to hire employees right away.

In addition to standard training, your state might have legal requirements you must meet as well as laws pertaining to how and when you can open locks. The last thing you want to do is help a thief steal a car or break into a home!

Research the competition in your area to see what they do well and identify opportunities where you can do better. Offering great customer service and being available 24/7 will go a long way to winning business.

How to Market a Locksmith Business

Your biggest challenge, as you learn how to start a locksmith business, might be letting the public know you’re around. If you plan to open a store, make sure it is in a very visible location, with plenty of traffic. A locksmith is not someone uses everyday, so it’s important to do a lot of “top of mind” advertising. In other words, be in many places at once. Advertise in the phonebook, the newspaper, on bulletin boards around town, etc. See if you can buy ad space in areas where people might need your services, like parking garages and parking lots.

More than anything else, offering quick, friendly service will be your ticket to success. People tell friends and family about being locked out of the house or their car, and if they include how great you were in their story, you’ll be sure to get business from it.

So be a hero by learning how to start a locksmith business! It’s an interesting, profitable business that is a great entry into entrepreneurship.