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How to Start a Lawn Business

How to Start a Lawn Business

If you like to work outdoors and want your own business, consider learning how to start a lawn business. Starting a lawn business doesn’t have to take a lot of startup capital, and just about anyone can do it. But you might be surprised how profitable it can be, if you do it right.

Everyone wants the best looking lawn, but few people have the time and know how to make their lawns look their best at all times. Many of these folks are more than willing to pay someone to care for their lawns and keep them looking their best.

Growing Your Lawn Business

Learning how to start a lawn business is a great option for high school and college students hoping to pick up some extra money over the summer, but it can also be a serious business for anyone who wants to put in the time and effort. There is nothing that says that a lawn business must be confined to mowing lawns. In fact, some people start out with a simple lawn business and expand into a full fledged landscaping business.

At the very least, you can offer hedge trimming, weeding, and fertilizing services along with mowing. The more you offer, the more you will need to learn, but there is no rush to add services before you are ready, so learn as you go and expand at your own pace.

Some of the common services that often go along with a lawn business are: power washing driveways and windows, leaf raking, snow removal (a great way to offset business lost in the winter), gutter cleaning, and even deck staining. Basically, anything that can improve the outside appearance of someone’s home can be added to a lawn business.

Marketing Your Lawn Business

When you are learning how to start a lawn business, one question that might come up is how to get the word out about your service. Basic marketing skills are all it takes to find plenty of clients to keep you busy. Bringing flyers door to door, starting in neighborhoods close to your home and working your way out will help you optimize your time.

Also consider putting flyers on bulletin boards around town at grocery stores, laundry mats, and hardware and home improvement stores. As a matter of fact, it’s a good idea to form relationships with these stores and see if they will refer business to you. They get a lot of requests from people looking for services, and if you impress them as someone trustworthy and reliable, you just might be the person they send their customers to.

Learning how to start a lawn business can really pay off, if you are willing to work hard and be inventive. Your options are practically limitless, so go out and make it happen!