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There are literally thousands of opportunities to put your skills and creativity to work, and make money while doing it. Learning how to start a jewelry instruction business is one such opportunity. By offering jewelry instruction classes that teach jewelry making, you’ll be doing what you love and teaching others to do the same. Not only does this allow your creative juices to flow, but you are helping people to look and feel good as well. It takes more than some beads and a spool of thread to start a jewelry making class, however.


What Does it Take to Start a Jewelry Instruction Business?
The answer to what it takes to learn how to start a jewelry instruction business depends solely on you and what you want to achieve. A jewelry instruction business can be as simple or as detailed as you’d like for it to be. Your lessons can be held from your home, or you can also look into creating some sort of partnership with a local community center and offer your lessons there.
You will definitely need to have some well-honed jewelry making skills yourself, before you can even attempt to get into business. Once you’ve developed a level of comfort with creating jewelry in a wide range of styles and configurations, instructing other people will come so much more naturally to you, and your business will be able to flourish as a result. The best teachers ever are the ones who are truly passionate about what they’re teaching. If you truly love what you’re doing, your passion be felt and appreciated by your students.

Supplies and Equipment Needed
As previously stated, in order for you to start a jewelry making business and really take off, you’ve got to have jewelry making skills, yourself. Taking a series of classes before setting up your own shop will prove to be quite helpful. You can really hone your skills in this way. One-on-one lessons are perfect, as they allow you to completely engulf yourself in your craft.
Depending on what kind of jewelry making classes you’re planning to offer, the different types of supplies and equipment will vary. Speaking very minimally, you will need a jeweler’s saw, pliers, soldering iron, snips, sandpaper, and a very large selection of wire, beads, and all sorts of other accessories needed to provide a wide range of jewelry pieces. You’re going to need numerous sets of this equipment for your classes.

Finding Customers
Advertising in all of your local craft stores is your best bet for finding people to join in on your jewelry making class. Try to develop a relationship with the owner or manager of the store. They may even be okay with allowing you to advertise in their store.
It would be ideal to form a partnership with a large business like this. You could provide instruction and they would sell supplies. It’s a real win-win! Building partnerships like this and providing outstanding instruction to your students will help you build a business that will have you wishing you had learned how to start a jewelry instruction business a long time ago.