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Because home prices are low, this could be the perfect time to learn how to start a home repair referral business. Rather than sell their homes for less than they paid, many people are staying put and instead upgrading or repairing as necessary. These people need a way to find reliable companies to perform their repairs, and that’s where your home repair referral business comes in!

Although a lot of people perform their own home repairs, more prefer to hire professionals for this work. Learning how to start a home repair referral business allows you to match customer needs with professional, reliable contractors in the customer’s area.

Both consumers and contractors will appreciate your service. Consumers will benefit from getting reliable service, and contractors will benefit by having their business listed with you and getting calls from customers. As the “middle-man” in this relationship, you will earn a commission for the work you do. You will have made the process of finding reliable, licensed, insured contractors easier for both sides, and you’ll deserve the success you achieve.

What You’ll Need to be Successful

You can start a home repair referral business from your home, or you can rent an office. As people won’t be visiting you for your services, most start out at home. You can also choose whether to run your business on a full time or part time basis. You might start out part time and then move to full time as business increases.

As for equipment, the basic office setup is sufficient for starting a home repair referral business. You’ll need a computer, phone, and maybe a fax machine. Of course having a website is critical to this business, as that is where most people will find you. So your largest expense might be hiring a top-notch web designer to create a user friendly, attractive website for you.

Your own personal organizational and communication skills – and an outgoing, friendly personality – will help you go far in this business, as you will be dealing with business owners and consumers regularly. Also, while it isn’t necessary for you to be an expert in construction, a general knowledge of home repairs is a good idea. Many community colleges offer classes to get you up to speed, and there are numerous books on the topic.

Finding Customers for Your Home Repair Referral Business

One great way to find customers for your business is to network within your community. Get some quality, professional business cards made, and make sure everyone you meet knows about your new company. Also take your business cards to the local home improvement and hardware stores, introduce yourself to the staff and managers, and post your cards on the bulletin board where one is available.

Mostly, people will find you online, so make sure your website is optimized to be indexed in the search engines, and consider trading links with other local businesses that have websites. You might even want to come up with a “seal of approval” that contractors can display on their sites, with a link back to your site. Use your imagination, and you can find great success when you start a home repair referral business.