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How to Start a Handmade Invitations Business

How to Start a Handmade Invitation Business

Do you have an artistic flare and a creative side? You might want to learn how to start a handmade invitations business. This can be a rewarding, profitable small business that takes very little startup capital.

While invitations can be purchased at any discount department store, many people prefer the elegance and fine workmanship produced by those who have a handmade invitations business. In fact, some people would never dream of sending pre-made invitations to their guests. Fortunately, these are the same people who are often willing to pay for quality.

People who order handmade invitations do so for a wide variety of events, including: parties, family reunions, bar mitzvahs, and weddings. Many people will order matching thank you cards along with invitations to send to guest after the event too.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

While you will be creating your invitation works of art by hand, you’ll still need to have a reliable computer and printer so you can keep track of clients and their orders and produce invoices. You might also consider setting up a website that showcases your work and allows clients to order online or at least contact you for more information.

You can get a standard business license from your local licensing office, and you should not need any other permits or licenses to start a handmade invitation business. Also, you can easily run this kind of business from your home, so there is no need to rent office or retail space unless you have the budget for it.

You will be creating your handmade invitations on very high quality paper, so research which papers work best for the kind of art you will be applying (water color, oil paints, etc.), and price your materials out to make sure you are making a decent profit margin.

Perform some research online to find other suppliers of handmade invitations and see how much they are charging for their work. This will give you a benchmark to set your pricing. Remember that you are producing one of a kind art with every invitation you make. So you don’t have to offer the lowest price. As long as what you are providing is worth the price, people will pay it.

Not only will people pay a higher price for your handmade invitations, they are very likely to get inquiries from their guest about who made them. In a fairly short time, don’t be surprised if a large portion of your new clients come from referrals. Then you’ll know you made the right decision in learning how to start a handmade invitations business!