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Learning how to start a gutter cleaning business is a terrific idea for teenagers or simply anyone who is looking to own a small business that won’t cost a ton of money to start. Can you think of anyone who actually enjoys cleaning their gutters out? Most people dread it. It’s essential to the upkeep of a home, though, so it must be done.
All throughout the year, but especially in autumn, leaves and all sorts of other debris can collect in gutters and eventually clog them completely. When this occurs, the water can actually build up, leading to roof damage. Standing water is also horrible because that is where mosquitoes and other pests like to breed.
All it takes to start a gutter cleaning business are a few inexpensive tools, ambition, and a little bit of marketing. By targeting people who don’t want to clean their gutters, but know it needs to be done, you are almost guaranteed the job.

Tools of the Trade
Pretty much all you really need in order to start a gutter cleaning business are a ladder, garden hose, trash bags, and a quality pair of gloves. If your finances allow it, you could also purchase a pressure washer to use in place of a hose. Keep in mind that you will also need reliable transportation in order to transport you and your equipment from job to job.
The actual process of cleaning the gutters out couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve securely rested the ladder against the roof, climb up and inspect the gutter. Look for damage and remove any debris by hand. Once all of the debris has been removed, rinse the gutter out with the hose or pressure washer. That’s all there is to it! Make sure that you put all debris in a trash bag and dispose of it properly. You’ll also want to hose away any dirt left on driveways and walkways below the gutters.

Offering Additional Services
Any additional skills you have that can be offered to the homeowner gives you even more opportunity to grow your business. For example, if you have knowledge of roof repair, you can offer roof inspections and repairs while you’re up there cleaning the gutters out. You can also consider offering to install a gutter screen that will restrict debris from falling into the gutters.

Marketing Your Gutter Cleaning Business
Learning how to start a gutter cleaning business also involves how to get the word out about your business. Go to a local copy shop and have them create flyers for you that are professional looking and have all of your information on them. You can place the flyers on mailboxes in neighborhoods where you think you have a good potential to bring business in. It’s a good idea to have some business cards printed up as well, and always be easy to reach by phone. Offering free estimates is a proven way to gain new clients too.
After you’ve completed a job, try suggesting a regular gutter cleaning schedule. This will ensure repeat business. Asking your current customers for referrals is also important.
If you think this is something you would enjoy doing, it’s time to get your mind in the gutter and learn how to start a gutter cleaning business!