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How to Start a Gift Wrapping Business

How to Start a Gift Wrapping Business

If you are a person who is looking to start a small business, learning how to start a gift wrapping business can prove to be a very rewarding experience for you.

By owning and operating a gift wrapping business, you will be helping to add to seasonal events by creating amazing and unique surprises for your clients’ loved ones. With very little investment, you can put your creative craft ideas to good use and earn good money in the process. During particular gift-giving seasons, your gift wrapping skills and unique ideas can earn you a very good living.

People who haven’t got a lot of time to worry about how their gifts will get wrapped can leave their items with you. That gives you the opportunity to wrap the gifts while your customers carry on with their errands. By the time they’ve finished their holiday errands, you’ve got their gifts neatly wrapped and ready to go for them.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

Having a large work table is definitely something that is required in order to start a gift wrapping business. Look for a spot in your home where you can set up a table and get to wrapping. You can also consider turning a garage or attic into a work area. Simply examine your home and decide which area will give you the most space to efficiently get your wrapping accomplished.

If you feel that your home is too small or cramped, traveling to your customers’ locations to wrap their gifts is an option that you may want to consider. You could even go so far as to rent a van and set it up as a mobile wrapping area. By doing this, you have the ability to travel to different locations all the while maintaining an organized work area.

If you are more of the enterprising type, you can find local gift stores and malls that you can step up your business on a temporary basis. Doing something like this will ensure you a steady flow of customers who will be in need of your services. Having someone right there in the store who can wrap their gifts for them is very convenient, and presents you with a wonderful opportunity to make your gift wrapping business flourish.


One of the best things about starting a gift wrapping business is that you can start the business with very little money up front. Gift wrapping supplies are not very expensive and can often even be found at places like dollar stores. Make sure to gather a wide variety of gift wrapping paper as you will be wrapping all sorts of gifts for all sorts of people who have different tastes.

Make sure that you offer a very wide variety of wrapping paper such as paper for children, paper for business gifts, wrapping with religious themes, and wrapping with cute designs and patterns. Variety is definitely a key to success when running a gift wrapping business.

Beginning your own gift wrapping business is a pretty easy venture. With your creativity, hard work, persistence at all times, but especially during peak seasons, your gift wrapping business could be booming before you know it!