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Are you a lover of the outdoors and considering starting a small business? Why not learn how to start a firewood delivery service? Recent increases in fuel prices have created a new opportunity to profit from alternative fuel sources – such as wood. As a matter of fact, many suppliers of firewood are finding it very difficult to keep up with the demand for their product. Since there is such a demand, once you learn how to start a firewood delivery service, earning a decent income is very realistic.

Firewood Facts You Need to Know
A unit called a cord is what is used to measure firewood. A cord of wood has the following dimensions: 8 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 4 feet tall.
Believe it or not, burning one full cord of wood will release the same level of heat that burning 155 gallons of fuel will release. The good thing about wood is that it costs less than heating oil. Staying on top of the heating oil prices will help you out a lot when putting your firewood up for sale. You’ll be able to be more competitive this way.

Processing the Firewood
It might seem like all you need to do to start a firewood delivery service is chop down some trees and bring the wood to people. There’s a little more to it though, if you want to do it right. Having a facility in which you can dry wood is a must. Wood which has been kiln dried is one option that you may want to consider. This type of wood is even drier than sun-dried wood. Since the wood is being kiln dried, there is also much less of a chance of mold or insect infestation in the wood.
It is very common for firewood suppliers to offer racks for firewood as well. These will allow a person to store their logs in a safe manner. These types of holders are also good for keeping logs secure and in place while in the fireplace.

You will have regulations that must be followed when you start a firewood delivery service. Make sure to check your local regulations prior to chopping down any trees in the area. Many different types of wood are prohibited to chop in various regions.
Failure to properly stack the wood in a cord can actually lead to regulatory measures taken by the authorities as well. All cords need to be made of wood pieces that rest parallel to one another. There should be absolutely no gaps or spaces between logs.
You will also need to give your customers a receipt at the time of delivery. Make sure that the information for both the buyer and the seller are on the receipt, along with the price and what type of wood was sold. To be extra safe, stack the wood yourself in the customer’s firewood area of their home. By doing this, not only are you ensuring that the wood is stacked properly, but you are also protecting yourself. They are being given a chance to see the quality of the wood while you’re stacking it, so disputing the quality later on simply won’t fly.
Learning how to start a firewood delivery business is very basic, and, if you expand your business, has the potential to bring in substantial income. If you love the outdoors, why not give it a shot?