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How to Start a Drug Testing Business

How to Start a Drug Testing Business

Looking for a potentially lucrative business opportunity?  Think about learning how to start a drug testing business.  With more and more employers touting a drug free work environment, this is a growing sector with a lot of potential.

In addition to employers, a lot of parents are having their teens drug tested these days, and the courts often require drug and alcohol screening of those convicted of crimes.  These are more opportunities for anyone considering how to start a drug testing business.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

As you learn how to start a drug testing business, you might just be surprised at how simple the operation can be.  When someone (whether a court, employer, etc.) requires someone to take a drug test, they provide them with a form that will tell you who is paying for the test, and what substances they would like you to test for.

You or your staff will then escort the person being tested to a private area, where a urine, blood and/or hair sample will be taken.  Any sample that is taken will need to be properly labeled with the name of the person being tested, as well as who sent them.

Once samples are taken, they will either be tested onsite, or you will send them off to a lab for testing.  While you will have to share your profits with a laboratory, this is the easiest and least expensive way to get started when you start a drug testing business.

In either case, you will record the results of each drug test and send them to whoever requested the test.

Something to think about as you learn how to start a drug testing business is where you will locate your office.  You will want to find a location that is easy to get to, has plenty of parking, and is laid out similarly to a doctor’s office.  While clients are waiting to be tested, they should have a comfortable place to sit, and you will need a reception desk as well.

Your office will need to have a separate room for each person receiving a drug test, and you will need to have a bathroom for collecting urine samples.  Containers and labels for samples taken will also be required.

Depending on your state, you might have to meet any of a number of certification requirements in order to operate a drug testing business.  If you check with your local licensing department and the department of health, they should be able to tell you exactly what is needed.

The requirements for a drug testing business that services government agencies will be more strict, and both state and federal laws will need to be adhered to.  If you do offer this service, be prepared to testify in court about the conditions under which a test was administered at your facility.

A good way to generate business once you have learned how to start a drug testing company is to get on the list of preferred providers of drug testing services for various insurance companies, as well as government agencies.  You can also go after the trucking market, as many drivers must be regularly tested, and this can be a significant part of your business.  You will need to be approved by the Department of Transportation to perform these tests.

Expansion opportunities in this business include opening new locations within your city or elsewhere, or even franchising your operation and expanding nationally.  Once you learn how to start a drug testing business, you will be able to show others how to do the same, and there is real value in that!