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How to Start a Drug Rehab Facility

How to Start a Drug Rehab Facility

To learn how to start a drug rehab facility, begin with an attitude of compassion for people suffering from drug addiction. Your background in addiction counseling will be at the core of your business plans, and you will build your business around it.

Because drug addiction is a rapidly spreading issue, the need for drug rehab centers is growing, and this can be a very lucrative opportunity for willing to work hard at learning how to start a drug rehab facility.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

Many drug rehab facilities first offer their patients a detox program. Drug detox is followed by a concentrated counseling program, including one on one and group therapy. You will also probably want to offer patients a follow up program to help them transition back into the “real world.”

Some patients may come to you by court order, if you decide to provide this service. In these cases, you will need to provide the court with progress details, and you might be called to testify in court about specific cases.

One of your big decisions when thinking about how to start a drug rehab facility is whether you plan to offer inpatient or outpatient treatment. If you offer inpatient drug treatment through your rehab program, you will need rooms to house patients, a kitchen, a common area for relaxing and gathering, and plenty of meeting rooms for group and individual counseling sessions. You’ll also need to hire 24 hour on-site staff.

For an outpatient rehab facility, you won’t need sleeping rooms, and probably not a kitchen, but you’ll still need quite a few rooms for on-site doctors and counselors, and you will need a room for testing and analyzing test results.

In either case, your staff will consist of several licensed clinical therapists and/or psychologists, and at least one psychiatrist. All of these professionals should be well educated in the areas of substance abuse and addiction. To help your patients recover long term, your drug rehab program should focus on the addiction as well as the underlying causes, which often include other mental health issues. It will be important for your staff to address both of these areas with each patient.

Following all state and federal regulations for running a drug rehab facility is, of course, a must. Check with your state licensing offices to find out exactly what you need. In many cases, if you hire a professional staff of qualified drug treatment workers, you might not need specific education or qualifications yourself to start a drug rehab facility.

More than anything else, your success when you start a drug rehab facility will depend on how successful you are at helping people turn their lives around and live drug free. Not everyone will be able to make this change, but a high rate of success will gain your program recognition and a positive reputation.

The key to successfully helping patients move past drug addiction is to treat each person as an individual and address their specific needs. If you can do that, and back it up with technical knowledge and compassion, you are bound to do well and be happy you learned how to start a drug rehab facility.