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So many people who lead extremely busy lives also own pets. This is why it’s such a great idea to learn how to start a dog walking business. With the hustle and bustle of today’s world, it’s often very difficult for dog owners to set aside time to walk their four-legged friend every day. Other than the ultra busy crowd, there are also the people who have dogs, but are physically unable to take them for a walk themselves.
All dogs need fresh air and exercise to stay happy and healthy. Learning how to start a dog walking business can provide a service that is very needed with the dog owners in your area. Not only is daily exercise simply a healthy thing for your dog, it has been proven that a daily walk can actually help to improve the behavioral issues that can be caused when a dog has too much energy and no outlet for it.

How to Get Started in a Dog Walking Business
A dog walking business pretty much could not get easier. All you’re required to do is take your clients’ dogs for walks daily. The vast majority of dog walking happens during daytime hours, while the owners are working. This means that you get the pleasure of taking a brisk walk outside everyday, when everyone else is stuck inside behind a desk.

What to Charge
It is common practice for dog walkers to charge a base price. It would be a good idea to research dog walkers in your area to find out exactly what they are charging their clients. After you’ve gained this knowledge, you will know how to price competitively.
As long as you are consistently punctual, reliable, and responsible, it will be a cinch to attract new customers and hold onto existing ones. Before you know it, word of your business will be all over the place. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth.

Skills You will Need
Nothing says that you’ve got to be an expert on dogs to start a walking business. As long as you love animals and have some experience with handling dogs, you have all it takes to start a dog walking service in your area.
If you’re physically fit, the actual physical part of the job won’t be a challenge to you in the least. Just never forget to clean up after the dogs while you’re walking them. Not only is doing this a law in many places, but it is the responsible thing to do, and will help to give your image even more of a boost.

Supplies You will Need
You are most definitely going to want to purchase a few very high-quality leashes and also baggies for cleaning up after the dogs. It might be a good idea to carry pepper spray on you as well, as sometimes stray dogs will approach in a very aggressive fashion, and if you’ve got the spray on you, all it will take is one sprits to send him on his way.

If you love dogs and are also able to deliver outstanding service to your human clients, you have much of what it takes to start a dog walking business already. So get started today!