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How to Start a Dog Rescue Business

How to Start a Dog Rescue Business

If you love animals and your heart goes out to those animals that are in need, consider learning how to start a dog rescue business.  In this business, you will be rescuing animals that would have been mistreated or killed without your help.

While a dog rescue business is not likely to make you wealthy, the satisfaction of helping animals who cannot defend themselves from the cruelty they are experiencing can be enough for many people to want to start a dog rescue business.

Owners of dogs who cannot properly care for their animals will call your dog rescue business, and you will also receive calls from others who are concerned about the welfare of other people’s animals.  You will encounter dogs that are neglected and severely abused, so you’ll have to be able to emotionally handle those situations.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

Part of your job when you start a dog rescue business will be to rehabilitate sick and injured animals, so you will need to have a relationship with a veterinarian, and you will need a place to keep several dogs while they are being nursed back to health.

Keep in mind that while you will place most of the dogs you rescue with responsible families, some will never be able to be placed, and it will be up to you to care for them for life.

As you think about how to start a dog rescue business, location will be an important factor to consider.  You won’t want to be located close to other homes, as you are likely to have several barking dogs on your property at any given time.  An out of the way location is best, and in many municipalities, this will be the only type of location you will be allowed to have a dog rescue business anyway.  Also, the dogs you rescue will appreciate a quiet country setting versus a noise city or suburb.

You’ll need to have areas where those dogs that are not able to socialize with other dogs can live separate from the rest of your rescued dogs.  Also, keep in mind weather conditions where you live and prepare to build whatever kind of structures are necessary to protect your animals in all seasons.

Many who start a dog rescue business file for non profit status, or 501(c)(3), as it is known by the IRS. This will allow you to accept donations to run your operation and to pay your salary.  It will also let you accept volunteered veterinary care and donated supplies and food without having to pay taxes on these items and services.

Finding Customers for Your Dog Rescue Business

Your “customers” when you start a dog rescue business will likely range from individual citizens concerned about the welfare of an animal to law enforcement who have been called to intervene on behalf of an abused animal.

Those who have learned how to start a dog rescue business usually find out very quickly that finding customers is not a problem.  Listing your services on websites that index services like yours might be all you need to do to start requests pouring in.  Making sure local breeders, pet stores, veterinarians, and law enforcement know about your service is also important.

If you can handle the emotional aspect of the business and love dogs, learning how to start a dog rescue business can be a rewarding, full time adventure.