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How to Start a Diaper Delivery Service

How to Start a Diaper Delivery Service

If you don’t have children, you may have never thought about how to start a diaper delivery service. But the truth is diaper delivery is more popular than many people realize, and it can be quite lucrative if you go about it right.

New parents, like most everyone, are becoming more and more concerned about the environment. And discarding hundreds of disposable diapers a year is not helping the environment at all. A diaper delivery service that delivers cloth diapers provides a much needed service to parents who are looking for ways to be environmentally responsible and don’t have the time or desire to deal with cleaning their children’s cloth diapers at home.

You can choose to market your service as a convenience or an environmentally responsible alternative to disposable diapers. Either way, this can be a profitable business that really makes a difference.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

When considering how to start a diaper delivery service, think about whether you want to provide a service that cleans the diapers as well as delivering and picking them up, or if you want to have the diapers cleaned at a commercial laundry facility.

Using a commercial laundry service will take a bite out of your profits, but there will be far less upfront cost than if you decide to buy commercial washers and dryers to perform this task yourself.

Perform some research before you start a diaper delivery service. Find out who your competition is, what they charge for their service, what they do well, and what you think you can do better. It might be that there is a lot of competition in your area, or you may find that you will be the only game in town!

In order to start a diaper delivery service, you will need one or more reliable vehicles – usually a panel truck or van. Additionally, you’ll need a place to store clean diapers, and dirty diapers if you are not using a commercial laundry service. If you have a large shop or clean garage, you might be able to work from home. You’ll be visiting your customers rather than them coming to you, so there is no need for a retail location.

Marketing Your Diaper Delivery Service

One of the first steps you can take to market a diaper delivery service is to obtain a new baby births list from your local hospitals. If you aren’t able to get a list from the hospital, the local paper often lists birth announcements. Send a congratulations card to the parents of newborns, along with a coupon to try your service.

Leaving brochures at the offices of birthing coaches, clinics, and pediatricians is another good way to reach parents of infants. In your literature, focus on the environmental factor, the healthy aspect of cloth diapers, and the cost savings over disposables.

When learning how to start a diaper delivery service and coming up with ways to boost profits, consider offering products that are related to your service. Diaper pins, liners, air fresheners, and diaper pails are all products that will add to the convenience of your service while adding to your bottom line!