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How to Start a Courier Business

How to Start a Courier Business

When you learn how to start a courier business, you are filling a very real need in the business community.  Although the Internet and email have replaced a lot of the need for quick courier services, there are still many documents and items that need to get from one office to another the same day, and couriers are often the only option available.

Not only are couriers less expensive than having their own employees deliver items to other offices, but using a courier avoids taking an employee away from his or her regular work.  Also, the larger delivery companies don’t offer the same level of same day service most couriers provide.

Before getting too far into the process of how to start a courier business, make sure there is a need in your city for this service.  Chances are, there will be competition, but don’t let that scare you.  If you can provide a higher level of service, you’ll be able to compete just fine.

One of the best ways to determine whether or not there is a need for a courier service where you live is to network with business owners and managers.  Attend networking events sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce or other business organizations, and get to know the office managers and business owners.  Architects, lawyers, and doctors are prime candidates for your service.  When you talk to these managers, ask if they use a courier service, what they like most about the service and (most importantly) what they would change about it if anything.  This information will be invaluable to you once you start a courier business.

You’ll also need to determine some other specifics before you start a courier business.  These include: your delivery area, the types of packages you will deliver, and your company’s pricing.  Also consider whether or not you will hire a staff to help you.  At first, it might make sense to start on your own, but your business might grow quickly, and you don’t want to turn away work, so have a hiring solution in place before this happens.

How to Market Your Courier Business

Part of the process of figuring out how to start a courier service is finding ways to market your service.  Getting clients might not be easy at first, but if you follow the networking model above, you’re bound to start with a few who will give you a try.

Beyond networking, place ads in your local business journals and newspapers.  Target the publications office managers and business owners are likely to read.  Also get some business cards made and visit as many offices as you can in your area.  Once a few clients agree to give your service a try, you can use this when talking with other potential clients.  It will be difficult to balance your marketing efforts with the work you must perform as a courier, so it is a good goal to hire help as soon as it makes sense.

However you market your service, the real key to your success will be in how you treat your customers and follow through on your promises.  Get a reputation for on time, friendly delivery, and you’ll be successful.  Then just think of how glad you will be that you learned how to start a courier business!