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When you’re looking into how to start a computer repair business, choosing a location with a store-front is definitely optimal. Make sure that it is in a location that has a lot of traffic – both foot and vehicle traffic, ideally. The location needs to be easy to get to and also needs to offer ample parking. It certainly doesn’t have to be in a high class shopping area with high rents though. Maybe one day you can work up to that, but for now, choose something that is cost-effective and practical.
Your customers will come to you on an as-needed basis and only when they need your help. Inside your location, you are going to need an area for customers to be received, computers to track information pertaining to the business, testing equipment, and decent sized work areas. You are also going to need to offer a wide variety of replacement computer parts, such as hard drives, RAM, cables, keyboards, and other accessories. Having some sort of training in computer repairs is obviously a must.

How to be Successful in the Computer Repair Business
In order to be truly successful when you start a computer repair business, you will need to be able to accurately troubleshoot problems and fix them correctly, within the estimated time frame. In order to keep your costs down, do your best to negotiate the best prices on parts. Sometimes this will require changing suppliers. If there is only one option available to you, ask for a bulk discount or free shipping – some sort of incentive like this is fairly customary in this business.

Locating Customers for Your Computer Repair Business
There is a plethora of ways in which to locate customers once you start a computer repair business. Almost everybody owns a computer nowadays. With all computers, something is bound to eventually go wrong. Since you’re in the computer repair business, you are who they will go do when their computer decides to stop functioning properly.
Placing ads in the newspaper shows everyone that you are a business and are there to help them. Some communities also have direct mail coupon books. For a small price, you can place your advertisement in the book. Don’t forget to include some sort of special offer. It’ll be sure to attract a lot more attention, as everyone loves a bargain.
Since your business is computer related, it makes sense to have a website that can be found on search engines. Understandably, most of your customers will turn to the Internet when something goes wrong with their computer and they need repairs.

Room for Expansion
Once you start a computer repair business, you might want to consider expanding. There are several different ways to go about doing this. You can open a different computer repair business in a different part of town. You can even learn how to repair other electronics like televisions, cell phones, and gaming systems.
You might also want to consider building custom computers for your customers. Having a computer that’s been built to your exact likings is appealing to almost everyone. No matter how you decide to expand – or if you don’t expand at all, you have the ability to be successful in the computer repair business.