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Learning how to start a clock repair business is almost like learning an art form. People who start clock repair businesses often have a deep fascination and love for clocks and timepieces. Many people start repairing clocks as a hobby and then turn it into a business once their skills are honed.

Clock repair, also known as horology, is often handed down over generations, but people also pick it up as the first in their families to start a clock repair business. If you become an expert, owning a clock repair business can be a very lucrative and rewarding full time career.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

You will of course need to know how to repair clocks very well to start a clock repair business, and most people pick up this knowledge working with expert clock repair technicians. Additionally, there are video courses and websites that can teach anyone the basics of clock repair, and some offer advanced instruction as well.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to clock repair, so search for old, broken clocks you can practice on. Antique and second hand stores are great sources of inexpensive old clocks. Also, you can sell a clock that you purchased for very little and repaired.

When considering how to start a clock repair business, think about what your specialty will be. Some people who open a clock repair business only work with antique clocks, while others focus on watch repair or other niches. The competition in your area will partially dictate which area you concentrate your efforts on. Check them out, find out their rates, and determine where the opportunity lies.

When fist getting started in the clock repair business, it is perfectly acceptable to work from your home. You’ll need a workbench and the necessary tools, but otherwise your overhead should be very low. You can repair clocks that customers bring to you, pick up their clocks and bring them back to your shop, or offer a service where you repair their clocks in your customers’ homes.

Aside from a standard business license, you won’t need any special permits or certifications to start a clock repair business. If you are going to operate out of your home though, make sure you check local zoning laws so you are not in violation.

Marketing Your Clock Repair Business

A big part of learning how to start a clock repair business is deciding how to best market your services. One great way to get business is to form relationships with local antiques dealers and clock shops that do not offer repair services.

Additionally, you can advertise in the local newspaper and any free papers that are available in your town. Wherever you go, make sure everyone knows what you do and that you are a clock repair expert. Word of mouth can take you far – especially if you finish your repairs within the promised time, do a great job, and treat your customers well.

Possibilities for expansion are great once you’ve learned how to start a clock repair business. You can grow as large as you’d like, adding services and offerings, or you can remain a small company, working from home. The advantage of being an entrepreneur is that it’s all up to you!