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Learning how to start a chair massage business might just be perfect for you if you like working with people and want to help them relieve their stress. In this business, customers will sit in a specially designed chair for their massage. It won’t take as long as traditional massage, and there is no need for them to remove any clothing – unless they are wearing a heavy sweater perhaps.

After learning how to start a chair massage business, it will be your job to manipulate the muscles of the neck, head, upper back and arms within about 30 minutes. These muscles can become tight and painful, and great relief can be realized when the tension is released.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

One of the best parts of learning how to start a chair massage business is realizing you can work from home. While you certainly can open an office, you will probably take your chair massage business with you to your customers, rather than them coming to you.

Of course the most important purchase you will make to start a chair massage business will be your massage chair and massage oils, all of which are very portable. Additionally, towels, cleaning supplies, and disinfectants should be kept with you so you can keep your chair clean between each client’s massage.

In addition to your supplies, you will also want to have a computer (a laptop is ideal) and basic office equipment. You’ll use either an electronic or paper calendar/appointment system as well, to keep track of your appointments.

More than anything else, when you start a chair massage business, you need to know what you’re doing. Your clients will not hire you again if you aren’t able to do a great job for them. There are comprehensive training programs available to get certified as a massage therapist. These programs cover many areas, in addition to massage techniques. The schooling isn’t easy, but it’s worth the time.

In addition to passing a massage therapist course of study, your state will also require you to take an exam to receive a license to provide your services. And as with any business, you will need a business license to start a chair massage business.

How to Market Your Chair Massage Business

There is more to learning how to start a chair massage business than becoming a massage therapist. If you hope to become successful, you’ll need to find plenty of paying clients. The great news is that the massage therapy industry has experienced rapid growth recently. This has created competition in the marketplace, but it has also raised the consumer awareness of this great service.

The key is to attract new customers and to keep your existing customers coming back. To get customers coming to you, consider running ads in your local newspaper, passing out flyers, and creating some coupons. You could even give away free sessions when you’re starting out. This will allow you to practice your techniques and will give people a chance to experience your skills.

Approaching office managers is another great way to grow your chair massage business. Many companies pay a chair massage therapist to set up in the company break room so that employees can get a 15 or 30 minute chair massage on their breaks. This is great for morale, good for the company, and wonderful for anyone learning how to start a chair massage business!