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A demand for professionally baked and decorated cakes will always be there, so it’s always a good time to learn how to start a cake business. If you think that starting a cake business might be for you, you need to keep in mind that it involves far more than simply having skills and passion.
You will need to make sure to have all of the proper licensing, permits, and other legalities taken care of prior to opening a cake business. Since you’re going into a food-related business, there are more steps to take than if you were simply opening a retail store front.
Although learning how to start a cake business may seem like an easy venture, there are very strict guidelines in most states regarding commercial food operations. If you expect to work from home, you’ll be expected to set aside an entire section of your home just for your cake business. Often times, people choose to rent out a small retail space rather than work from home. It can really streamline your processes and get things going much more efficiently. Choosing a commercial building that was a bakery at one time in the past is certainly ideal. Often times, the equipment and layout of the space are already perfect for your needs.

Getting Started
When you learn how to start a cake business, you will notice that rules and regulations regarding food manufacturing and distribution will vary in each state. You’ll want to check with your state’s Department of Agriculture, as this is the organization that generally takes care of things like health permits, licenses, and regulations. Take every necessary step to make sure that your business is legitimate from day one.
When you start a cake business, you’re going to want to offer cakes in many different sizes, shapes, flavors, and designs. Offering cakes for as many different occasions as possible is a great idea, because it ensures that you’ll have business year-round. If you decide to dedicate your business solely to one type of cake, like wedding cakes, you are limiting your options. Make it very clear that you are able and ready to create cakes for any different occasion a person might need a cake for. Offering some sort of take-out or catering service as well can broaden your clientele, which will obviously result in more income for you.

Finding and keeping customers
Location is very critical when it comes to locating a good customer base. If at all possible, go with a location that is close to a downtown district. You will get a lot of foot traffic in areas like this, and it also helps to make your business more visible.
Providing a superior product is, of course, the most important part of starting a cake business. When your cakes taste and look appealing, they will become your advertisements. People will recommend your shop when a cake is needed, since you’ve proven yourself and your product to be top-notch.
Now that we’ve covered a lot of the basics on how to start a cake business, you may wonder about expanding your business. When your company is in full swing, you can always consider increasing the amount of catering that you do, or even think about opening a small dessert café. The possibilities are plenty. The bottom line is that when you start a cake business, you want to keep things totally fresh and appealing to all. By doing this, your cake business is sure to thrive!