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If you live in the right area, learning how to start a boat storage business can be lucrative and rewarding. And don’t think you must live by the ocean to implement this business idea. Plenty of people far from the coast own boats. Some use them at local lakes and waterways, and others tow them to areas that offer great boating experiences.

One of the great advantages of starting a boat storage business is that you are able to start very small and build you business as your customer base and revenue increases. A boat storage business can also be a fun business to be in, as you will be part of the vacation and relaxation industry!

What You’ll Need to Succeed

One of the first things to think about when considering how to start a boat storage business is location. You will need to have a decent sized piece of land or storage building, not too far from the most popular boating location in your area. Be sure to check local zoning laws to confirm you are able to have your boat storage business in the location you choose.

You can charge customers by the month, season or year, and you’ll need a software program to track customers, storage spaces, and payments. There are some software programs designed specifically for this kind of business, so do some online research and find one that will fit your needs.

In addition to obtaining a business license for your boat storage business, you will also need to have a very good insurance policy that will cover liability claims, as well as any buildings on your property. If you have employees, you’ll need to arrange for workers comp insurance and a payroll account as well.

To start a boat storage business and do it right, you will want to make sure you are supplying your customers with water onsite, restrooms, and places for them to sit down and rest as necessary. Adding vending machines with soda, candy, and other food is also a good idea that will increase your revenue and customer satisfaction and does not have to cost you anything.

An important key for success in the boat storage business is providing customers with a safe, clean, easily accessible facility. Boats are expensive investments, and your customers need to feel safe leaving their boats with you, knowing they will not be harmed by the weather or other people.

To protect yourself from unfair claims of damage, do an inspection of every boat that is being stored on your property, prior to the start of the storage contract. Make a note of any damage, scratches, holes, and dents, however small. Perform the same type of inspection upon completion of the contract too.

If your boat storage business is a great success, and you are looking for additional income streams, consider offering other services, such as boat repair or detailing. Some facilities also run a boat rental business out of their location. The bottom line is that you have unlimited options when you learn how to start a boat storage business. So know you can make it happen, and then go do it!