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How to Start a Bicycle Repair Business

How to Start a Bicycle Repair Business

Many people who learn how to start a bicycle repair business are the ones who were always fixing neighborhood kids’ bikes as a child.  Today though, bicycle repair can be big business, and a great self employment opportunity to any entrepreneur with the skills, drive, and ambition to make it happen.

The timing is right for starting a bicycle repair business, because more and more people are becoming both more health conscious and environmentally conscious.  Bicycles address both of these needs, and not everyone knows how to repair a flat tire, broken chain, bent rim, or other bicycle maintenance problem – or wants to do so.

There is particular opportunity in a mobile bicycle repair service.  Some repairs will need to be taken care of at your place of business (which can be your home garage if you are going to pick the bikes up), but most repairs can be done at the customer’s home, right on the spot.

What You’ll Need to Start a Bicycle Repair Business

It is probably obvious to most who are interested in learning how to start a bicycle repair business that the most important thing you can have is a strong knowledge of bikes and how to repair them.  If you are not a pro at bicycle repair though, don’t lose heart. There are plenty of resources, from books to online directories, that can help you learn the trade.

To save money on bicycle repairs for you and your customers, you can consider using used parts in your repairs.  This is accepted practice in the industry, as long as you are divulging this information to your customers.  If you stand behind your work, they will appreciate you doing all you can to save them money and will probably not mind at all.

Be sure you have a good set of all the tools you will need to perform bicycle repairs.  Your tools are your livelihood in this business, so get the best tools you can afford.  You will also need to obtain a business license, and it is a good idea to get a business insurance policy in place as well.

How to Market a Bicycle Repair Business

Some great places to target your marketing are retail bike shops that don’t perform repairs, bicycle clubs, and bike trail administrators.  While repairing bicycles will be your main business, there is also an opportunity to sell products to the people whose bicycles you have repaired.  Water bottles, seats, repair kits, and pumps are examples of products you should carry with you when going on a bicycle repair call.  Not only will you make more money this way, but your customers will appreciate the convenience of being able to buy these products from you, without having to go shopping for them.

Also consider offering a referral discount to any customer who refers someone to you for bicycle repair.  This will encourage this practice and can help to grow your business rapidly.  Of course that only works if you do great work and take very good care of your customers, so make sure your service skills in all areas are top-notch!

Learn how to start a bicycle repair business, and you just might find yourself riding head on into small business success!