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How to Start a Battery Reconditioning Service

How to Start a Battery Reconditioning Service

If you are looking for a home based business opportunity with the potential for growth, consider learning how to start a battery reconditioning service.  This “green” business is becoming more popular all the time, as the effect of dumping batteries in landfills becomes more widely known.

When you learn how to start a battery reconditioning service, you will be reconditioning batteries from cars, trucks, boats, golf carts, and recreation and utility vehicles. These are lead acid batteries that can be reconditioned for further use, even after they have apparently died.  Most battery reconditioning businesses offer a limited warranty on the batteries they recondition.

One of the greatest things about starting a battery reconditioning service is that your profit margins can be very high.  Generally, you won’t have to purchase batteries for reconditioning.  Most people will simply drop them off at your location for the convenience of not having to properly dispose of them themselves.  Other people will bring a batter in for reconditioning and want that same battery back once your work is done.

Another way to obtain batteries for reconditioning is to get them from junk yards, auto parts stores, and gas stations.  These businesses are responsible for properly disposing of vehicle batteries and will appreciate a service that picks them up, saving them the hassle.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

Learning how to start a battery reconditioning business is not difficult, and just about anyone can do it.  You will need to purchase battery testing devices, supplies for reconditioning, and of course you’ll need to apply for a business license.  Also make sure you have a business insurance policy that covers you, your business, and any employees you bring on.

If you plan to grow your battery reconditioning business to a large scale operation, you might also need to attend some EPA training.

In order to recondition batteries, you will not need to take them apart.  The process involves dissolving built up acid crystals on the lead plates in the battery.  There are commercially available kits and processes to accomplish this, and they are not highly expensive.  In fact, you can start a small battery conditioning business for as little as $500.

A primary concern when learning how to start a battery reconditioning service is safety.  Because the reconditioning of batteries involves caustic acids and other volatile chemicals, acid burns can occur if proper precautions are not taken.  It is vital that you learn about the chemical processes involved in battery reconditioning prior to starting a battery reconditioning service.

Marketing Your Battery Reconditioning Service

A focus of your marketing when you start a battery reconditioning service will be on the green aspect of the business.  Fleet operations are a great opportunity to sell your reconditioned batteries, and it is a good idea to let fleet managers know that they can use the fact that they purchase reconditioned batteries as a marketing tool of their own.

Other contacts that will be important to make are those with junk yards, car dealers, and parts stores. Advertising to these businesses in trade magazines or the local paper might bring in some business, but getting out there and calling on them will be your best bet.

With some work, sales skills, and great customer service, you can go from learning how to start a battery reconditioning business to being the owner of a thriving company before you know it.