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If you’ve been thinking of different ways to help your teen make some money, why not show them some steps on how to start a babysitting business? Babysitting jobs are terrific opportunities for kids to make money. They’ve got flexibility, so your teen won’t feel as though they’re stuck on a strict and specific schedule, and the shifts are usually fairly short in comparison to something like a movie attendant or food worker.
The great thing about babysitting jobs is that they’re a year-round business. Your teen can basically pick and choose when they’d like to work or not. The very best thing about babysitting is that they will be getting paid immediately – most times in cash.

Who is Doing It?
The most common question for a parent to ask is at what age is it okay for a child to babysit another child. Generally speaking, babysitters usually start around age 12, but some states have regulations regarding these things, so look into it for your state.
If your teen is completely comfortable with staying at home by himself or herself and enjoys the company of other kids, has a high level of responsibility, and can solve problems easily, he or she very well may be ready to learn how to start a babysitting business.
Although the majority of teens who are interested in babysitting are girls, there are a large number of very successful boys who become babysitters. Little boys tend to take to boy babysitters a little more because they can relate. Boy babysitters are more likely to play with trucks and other boy-type toys than a girl babysitter would be too.

Starting the Business
Now that you’ve established that your teen is ready to learn how to start a babysitting business, it’s time to sit down and discuss fees. This is really important to have figured out as soon as possible, because you just don’t know if someone might turn to your teen one day and ask them if they babysit – and if so, what they charge. If your teen has already figured that out, the person asking will be even more impressed.
Rates are generally on a by-the-hour basis, but can also depend on the degree of difficulty. Taking care of infants requires a much higher level of difficulty than watching a 5-year-old, for instance. Do some research and find out what some of the local babysitters in your area are charging. This will give you a better idea of what your fees should be.

Marketing a Babysitting Business
Type up some simple fliers, and your teen can place them on mailboxes throughout the neighborhood. Be sure to emphasize that your teen’s got training, is responsible, and also list any references he or she might have. Many grocery stores have bulletin boards in the entry ways of the store. Pinning fliers to these boards is another way to get your teen’s name and business out there.
If your child is courteous, polite, reliable, and dependable, chances are that the parents of the kids they’ve babysat will want them back again and will refer them to friends and family. Making sure that your teen brings with them a sense of fun and interest in the kids will make the kids more receptive, and things will go much more smoothly for both your child and for the children that are being babysat. Teach your teen how to start a babysitting business the right way, and he or she could take this first taste of entrepreneurship and do great things!