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How to Start a Vehicle Wrap Business

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You have probably seen cars, trucks, and vans wrapped with advertising, and you might have wondered how to start a vehicle wrap business.  If so, read on, and learn what you’ll need to take advantage of this potentially lucrative business opportunity.

This fairly new marketing method is really catching on, and the market is expanding rapidly.  You can get in on this trend by either selling marketing space on your own vehicle, or by selling space to advertisers and partnering with one or more companies that have a fleet of vehicles they are willing to have wrapped for a cut of the profits.  Obviously, the opportunity for higher sales lies with fleets of vehicles, but many start out with their own vehicle and expand as demand increases.

What You’ll Need to Succeed in a Vehicle Wrap Business

As you think about how to start a vehicle wrap business, you might be wondering about the material that is used to wrap vehicles.  It is a thin layer of vinyl with a sticky backing that will adhere to the vehicle’s surface without damaging the paint underneath.  One of your first orders of business will be to find a dependable, skilled shop that offers vehicle wrapping services.  A shop that performs vehicle wrapping is not like a typical body or repair shop.  These facilities are climate controlled and clean.

Although you might start a vehicle wrap business on your own, most people who pursue this line of work end up hiring at least a small staff.  You will need someone to sell advertising, design ads, and transport vehicles to and from the wrapping shop.  While you can do all that yourself initially, your income will be limited by the time it takes to perform all these tasks.

A software program for designing graphics and creating quality ads is a must, as well as a reliable computer, printer, and other basic office equipment.  What is not usually necessary is a fancy office, so you can often run a vehicle wrap business out of your home.

Even though it is not necessary to have any specific training to start a vehicle wrap business, you will want to have a background in sales, marketing, and/or design.  All of these areas will come into play in your business.

How to Market a Vehicle Wrap Business

This is a hot marketing idea that many have seen on the roads.  This makes the sale of this idea much easier, but you will still need sales skills to close deals.  One of the best things you can do to attract attention to your business is to get your own vehicle wrapped and place an ad for your business on the vehicle.  Every time you drive your vehicle around town, you will be advertising your service wherever you go.

As you are learning how to start a vehicle wrap business, think of it as starting a marketing company.  Really, that is exactly what it is.  Although you have a very specific way you perform your marketing, the sales process is the same, and your target audience is the same.

Most who find success in the vehicle wrap business do so through hard work and expert sales presentations.  If your sales skills are not up to par, or if you don’t like cold calling, it will make sense to hire an experienced advertising sales person.  You’ll give up some of the profit for their commission, but if they are good, you’ll make up for it in spades, and you will fondly remember the day you learned how to start a vehicle wrap business!

How to Start a Mail Order Business

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Internet shopping has made the idea of learning how to start a mail order business very attractive. With some proper planning and work, anyone can start a mail order business and do well. Just as Sears was the mail order catalog king, you could be internet mail order royalty!

The concepts behind mail order have not changed much since the early days of the industry, even though the technology used to operate your business if vastly different from days passed. The major change due to technology is that you can reach a far larger audience than ever before. With about a billion people online, there is plenty of opportunity in the mail order business.

What You’ll Need to Succeed in a Mail Order Business

One of the first and most important decisions you’ll make when thinking about how to start a mail order business is which kinds of products you will sell. Your options are practically unlimited, so this step can take some time, but it’s worth thinking it through and researching thoroughly. When considering various products, some factors to think about are: initial costs, minimum orders, space for inventory, turn around time for new product, and of course market demand for the products you are considering.

Also dig into what competition there is in various possible niches. While the internet presents a tremendous opportunity, it is getting more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd. How will you make your company and your products more attractive to potential buyers than others?

Planning for future growth is another critical element for anyone learning how to start a mail order business. While “too many” customers can seem like a good problem to have, failing to meet commitments due to product shortages or lack of personnel to process orders can ruin your reputation and ultimately your business.

Consider developing relationships with temp agencies and outsourcing firms early on. This kind of planning will allow you to ramp up quickly if necessary, as you will have these resources at the ready. Also, if at all possible, pick suppliers that have the ability to increase production without a long delay. Many manufacturers are used to meeting deadlines and have very scalable operations.

How to Market a Mail Order Business

As your mail order business will be conducted primarily online, it makes sense to use online tools to market your business. Social media is one marketing medium that has proven to be very effective for anyone who is willing to take the time to learn how to do it right. If you are able to build a community of loyal followers, you’ll have a customer base excited to see what your next offering is.

When you’ve got people on the edge of their seats waiting for your next product announcement or special offer, you’ll know that learning how to start a mail order business was an excellent idea!

How to Start a Locksmith Business

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If you have mechanical abilities and like being the one to come to the rescue, think about how to start a locksmith business. Locks are everywhere we look, and learning how to become a locksmith will present you with a great business opportunity.

For every lock, there is potentially someone who has locked themselves out. Locksmiths are called to help someone get into their car, house, or office every hour of every day. People also call on a locksmith to re-key and install locks and, in some cases, to open safes.

What You’ll Need to Succeed as a Locksmith

Learning how to become a locksmith takes some training. There are training programs offered all over the country at community colleges, trade schools, and even online. These courses teach all you need to know about locksmithing, from how to make a key to how to open a locked car door. You’ll also learn the proper tools to use for each job, and you’ll have a chance to practice your skills as you learn.

Certification is the next step, once you’ve finished your locksmith training. From there, learning how to start a locksmith business comes down to the management and marketing side of things.

As you were learning how to become a locksmith, hopefully you purchased the tools you will need for your business. You’ll also need basic office equipment, like a computer, printer, and general office supplies. You can work from home or open a shop, depending on your startup budget and whether or not you plan to hire employees right away.

In addition to standard training, your state might have legal requirements you must meet as well as laws pertaining to how and when you can open locks. The last thing you want to do is help a thief steal a car or break into a home!

Research the competition in your area to see what they do well and identify opportunities where you can do better. Offering great customer service and being available 24/7 will go a long way to winning business.

How to Market a Locksmith Business

Your biggest challenge, as you learn how to start a locksmith business, might be letting the public know you’re around. If you plan to open a store, make sure it is in a very visible location, with plenty of traffic. A locksmith is not someone uses everyday, so it’s important to do a lot of “top of mind” advertising. In other words, be in many places at once. Advertise in the phonebook, the newspaper, on bulletin boards around town, etc. See if you can buy ad space in areas where people might need your services, like parking garages and parking lots.

More than anything else, offering quick, friendly service will be your ticket to success. People tell friends and family about being locked out of the house or their car, and if they include how great you were in their story, you’ll be sure to get business from it.

So be a hero by learning how to start a locksmith business! It’s an interesting, profitable business that is a great entry into entrepreneurship.

How to Start an Office Furniture Rental Business

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With the number of entrepreneurs [intlink id=”10″ type=”category”]starting a business [/intlink]now, it is a great time to learn how to start an office furniture rental business. Many companies would prefer to rent furniture (especially in the beginning stages of their business) than purchase it. This can prove to be a very lucrative industry for anyone willing to do what it takes.

In addition to office furniture rental, there is also an income opportunity in selling used office furniture once you are not able to rent it out anymore. Sometimes a piece has minor damage, so you don’t want to send it to a client’s office, but someone will be more than willing to purchase it for themselves.

Some common items you will rent when you start an office furniture rental business include:

  • Desks of several sizes
  • Chairs – Executive and secretary
  • File cabinets of various sizes
  • Bookcases of various sizes
  • Waiting room chairs and tables
  • Conference tables
  • Sofas and loveseats

Some people who enter the very [intlink id=”24″ type=”category”]profitable business[/intlink] of office furniture rental also rent desktop and laptop computers, printers, and other accessories and electronics. Additionally, you can add another stream of income to your business by selling office products, like paper, pens, ink cartridges, and the like.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

Some experience with inventory management will serve you well in the office furniture rental business. Your inventory management skills define your business, because running out of a popular item or having too many of any one item can cost you money. One of the biggest challenges when learning how to start an office furniture rental business is determining the correct level of furniture to carry in the beginning.

For this reason, it is best to start small, and grow as your customer base grows and you get requests for certain items. As long as you have a supplier that can get you furniture in short order, you might not ever need to tell a client you don’t have what they need.

To save money when starting an office furniture rental business, also be on the lookout for good, used items. In many cases you can find like-new office furniture for a fraction of the cost of brand new stock.

When you learn how to start an office furniture rental business, you will be providing a much needed service to [intlink id=”10″ type=”category”]small business[/intlink] owners just starting out, and you’ll make a great living doing it. What could be better than that?

How to Start an Ice Sculpture Business

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Are you a sculptor who is playing the “starving artist” game? Consider learning how to start an ice sculpture business. People putting on parties, banquets, and community and business events often hire ice sculpture businesses to provide an extra touch of elegance to their gathering.

Some ice sculpture creations are purely decorative, while others serve a function. You can carve ice into the shape of a punchbowl or champagne fountain for instance. Higher end hotels and restaurants can also be great regular clients when you learn how to start an ice sculpture business.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

In addition to having carving and sculpting talent, someone learning how to start an ice sculpture business must also have people skills. You will be working one on one with clients to determine their needs and design preferences, so you will need to be able to talk with people with a customer focused approach. The better you treat your clients, the more likely they will be to use you again, and to recommend you to their friends, family, and colleagues.

You will want to have a good camera so that you can take pictures of every ice sculpture you create. These photos will make up your portfolio, which will be an important tool when trying to acquire new clients. High resolution photographs that showcase your work’s high quality will be most impactful, so make sure your camera is up for the task.

Also consider creating a website for your ice sculpture business. This can also serve as a portfolio of sorts, and it is a great idea, as many people conduct online research prior to hiring anyone these days. Also, it isn’t difficult to get listed high in the search engines for a specific geographical area when you are in an industry without a lot of competition.

If you are very good at what you do and want to add an additional stream of income to your ice sculpture business, consider offering ice sculpture classes. It might feel as though you are creating competition for yourself, but generally, people want the best, and they are much more apt to hire the person teaching the class over someone who has just learned the art.

Another smart way to get the word out about your skill in ice sculpting is to enter ice sculpting contests. In areas where it snows during the winter, these contests are very common, and they often get a lot of press coverage, both locally and nationally. Win a couple of contests, and everyone will soon know that you are the go-to person for ice sculptures in your area!

The bottom line: Learning how to start an ice sculpture business can be a great way to express your artistic side, showcase your abilities, and make a good living in the process.

How to Start an Employment Screening Service

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As unemployment rates continue to remain high, you might be thinking about how to start an employment screening service. In fact this is a great time to do just that. People are being laid off from their jobs in droves, and they need help finding work. On the other hand, companies that have job openings are inundated with applications whenever a job is posted.

By learning how to start an employment screening service, you are helping both groups by being the one to introduce them to one another. The employees will love you for finding them work, and companies will love you for sending them qualified applicants.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

If the idea of learning how to start an employment screening service sounds good to you, one of the first things you will want to do is find business networking events in your area. Networking with business leaders is critical to your success, as these are the people who will hire an employment screening service like yours.

Remember – networking, whether in person or online – is about building relationships. Get to know people before trying to sell them on your service. Find out their needs and present your offering as a solution, not just another sales pitch.

One of your considerations will be where to locate your employment screening service. You’ll need an office that is professional and comfortable. It will need to have a waiting area where applicants can sit and complete paperwork, several computer stations for testing applicants, and a conference room is a good idea as well. Of course you’ll need basic office supplies, desks, and chairs too.

In order to make sure you are referring the very best candidates to your clients, you will want to invest in some employee screening and testing software. Testing applicants for typing, computer, and general office skills will ensure they have what it takes to do a great job for your clients.

Some employers also require employees to pass a background check and/or a drug test prior to working for them. If you can offer these services, it will be an added convenience to your clients. Try to contract with a business that does pre-employment drug screening, and look into background checking software for your office.

Many employment screening services offer training to applicants on everything from typing and computer skills to interview coaching. Applicants won’t pay for these classes, but it will be worth your time and effort, as you will be sending better qualified people to your clients.

In many ways, this is the very best time to learn how to start an employment screening service. People who are out of work can really use your help, and you can be quite successful while providing a needed service.

How to Start an Assisted Living Business

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Now is a great time to learn how to start an assisted living business. With the rapid growth of the elderly population, this service is in great demand just about everywhere right now, and that demand is growing rapidly. Starting an assisted living business is also quite rewarding, as you will be helping people with physical challenges live more complete lives.

While many elderly and physically challenged individuals go to nursing or assisted living homes, most prefer to stay at home if they can. An assisted living business helps to facilitate this possibility by helping with daily activities at their clients’ homes. In some cases, your assisted living business will simply check in on clients and perform tasks weekly, and others will require daily help.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

When learning how to start an assisted living business, begin by researching other services in your area. Find out what they charge, which services they provide, and how you think you can do better. While the elderly population is exploding, businesses to serve them are being created rapidly as well, so you’ll need to do better than your competition to remain competitive.

Deciding which services you will provide is the next step in starting an assisted living business. Services that are commonly offered include: preparing meals, going on errands, driving clients to appointments or to go shopping, personal grooming, and house cleaning and maintenance. Using your research of the competition, decide which services are needed most and what you should charge for your services.

You will need a business license to open an assisted living business, and depending on where you live, you might need other certifications or licenses as well. Check with your local licensing agencies to find out the requirements in your area. Be sure to find out what type of drivers license you need for driving clients to appointments too, if you plan to offer this service.

Also, while you will not be offering medical care to your clients, you and anyone you hire should be trained in basic first aid and CPR.

How to Market Your Assisted Living Business

To market your assisted living business, you will want to concentrate on the local area, through local newspapers, radio, and perhaps TV ads. Having a website is a great idea as well. Remember that many of the people who hire you will be the children of the people you’re assisting, so don’t just target your marketing at the elderly population.

More than anything else, word of mouth will help you thrive in an assisted living business. So the key to success is really simply to provide outstanding service to every client, and go above and beyond whenever you can. You and anyone you hire will need to have a high degree of compassion, understanding, and kindness to gain a reputation as an quality assisted living provider.

If you feel like providing respectful, compassionate care to those with physical limitations, definitely consider learning more about how to start an assisted living business. You won’t regret it!

How to Start an Art Rental Business

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Learning how to start an art rental business can be rewarding in many ways. Dealing in rental art is perfect for anyone who wants to turn a passion for art into a good income. The art rental business has become quite popular for a wide range of clientele.

Many individuals and companies rent art for parties, wedding receptions, conventions, and other events where they just need art pieces for a short time. This obviously saves them a lot of money over purchasing art, and it presents a great opportunity for anyone ready to learn how to start an art rental business.

Starting a rental art business requires some capital in the beginning, but your overhead on an ongoing basis is typically not very high, with makes this a very profitable business.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

A strong knowledge of art is the most important thing you can possess when you start an art rental business. You will be expected to be the expert, when helping clients select pieces to rent, and they will also want you to have a certain amount of interior decorating knowledge as well.

An important key to your success will be differentiating yourself from the competition. So, before getting too far into how to start a rental art business, check around your area and find out who your competition is. You will want to investigate what they charge for their services, if they specialize in any particular genre of art, and what opportunities exist to serve a need or a market they are not covering.

Another factor in your success in the rental art business will be the connections you have in the local community. Get involved with local art organizations, museums, and galleries. The people who attend functions sponsored by these organizations will make up a big segment of your target market.

Also form relationships with local artists. You can form partnerships where you purchase their art through commissions on the rentals, which will help to defray the upfront costs that would be involved in purchasing the art outright. Many artists will be happy with this arrangement, as it gives them a chance to showcase their talents in a number of venues. Don’t forget sculptors and photographers as well. Some clients may want to rent those types of artwork.

If you are able to afford to rent a small gallery-type shop, you will be able to display the art you offer for rental, so that clients can easily browse your collection. Otherwise, a portfolio with high resolution pictures of every piece can work too. The advantage of having a portfolio in any case is that you can take it with you to visit prospective clients.

Marketing Your Art Rental Business

Your best customers when you start an art rental business are likely to be your business clients. They can afford to rent several pieces at a time, and they might sign a long term contract for you to change out the art in their offices every so often.

To obtain those customers, the best way is to visit them at their business, or to meet them at networking events. Business networking is a great way to find potential clients and to gain referrals to other prospects. Bring your portfolio everywhere you go, and when someone expresses an interest in what you do, show them your offerings. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and as you learn how to start an art rental business, you will find that to be very true!

How to Start an Arborist Business

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Learning how to start an arborist business is a good option for anyone with a background that includes working with trees. The opportunities for an arborist business are plentiful. Many organizations, from local and state government, to businesses and individual consumers, use the services of an arborist to help maintain the health of their trees, shrubs, and bushes.

Keeping trees and other woody plants healthy by pruning them and maintaining their health is the primary job of an arborist. An arborist will also help determine if a tree should be removed and often help arrange for removal when necessary.

Arborists help to fight common tree diseases and pests to improve the health of dying trees so they do not have to be removed. This is a much needed service in many urban areas, where the municipality is attempting to balance the cityscape with natural elements, including trees.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

In addition to a standard business license, if you are thinking about how to start an arborist business, you should be aware that many states require arborists to be certified. Check with your regulatory agencies to find out the requirements in your state and how to achieve certification.

Obviously, one of the most important qualifications for an arborist is an in depth knowledge of trees. This usually comes from a combination of education and experience. Many who are interested in how to start an arborist business have worked with a certified arborist for several years, perfecting their knowledge and skills.

One of the dangers arborists face is working with trees that are close to power lines. You will need to know how to safely work around power lines, and part of your certification will likely involve a test on this knowledge.

At first glance, it might not seem like being in great physical shape is a requirement to start an arborist business, but the fact is being an arborist is physically taxing. You will be called on to climb trees, work in all kinds of weather, and engage in a lot of physical labor. The ability to do this every day will depend a lot on your physical condition, strength, and stamina.

As for equipment needed to start an arborist business, you will need to have chain saws, hand saws, shears, pruners, ladders, gloves, safety equipment (like goggles, a hardhat, and safety belts), and a reliable vehicle, capable of carrying all your tools as well as cut branches that you will haul away for your customers.

One way to help ensure success in your arborist business is to find a needed niche within your area. Cater to the customers who are in the most need of your services, treat them well, keep your commitments, and do an outstanding job. If you are good at what you do and follow these steps, learning how to start an arborist business will be the first step on your road to entrepreneurial success!

How to Start an Appliance Repair Business

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For someone who is good at fixing machines, learning how to start an appliance repair business is a great match. If you are mechanically adept and able to fix things, you’re probably already doing so for your family and friends, so why not go into business for yourself and get paid for appliance repair?

People who really know what they are doing in the area of appliance repair are in demand, and this can be a very good business that allows you to set your own hours and take on only as much work as you want.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

When you start out in the appliance repair business, you can work from your home. You’ll need a workspace in your garage or another building on your property, and you will need all the tools necessary to repair a wide range of appliances, and they should be professional grade so they last the life of your business. This creates a larger expense up front, but it is worth it in the long run.

You will likely go to customers’ homes for a lot of your repairs, so you’ll also need a way to transport your tools, and you should have a truck to transport appliances to and from customers’ homes as well.

While some people who start an appliance repair business specialize in specific types of appliances, other offer repairs on just about any home appliance imaginable. Your choice of what to offer will have to do with your abilities, as well as the demand in your area. For instance, if there are a number of repair shops in your area offering large appliance repairs, but only one or two that work on small appliances, like toasters, blenders, toaster ovens, etc., it might make sense to make this your niche.

Check with your local regulatory agencies to determine what kinds of license and permits you might need to start an appliance repair business. In most cases, a business license will be all you need.

Marketing Your Appliance Repair Business

While thinking about how to start an appliance repair business, consider how you will get the word out about your services. Ultimately, you will likely gain most of your business from customer referrals. As your reputation as an honest, skilled repair person grows, you’ll gather testimonials, and people will tell their friends and family who are in need of appliance repair about your business. But in the beginning, you will need to do some marketing.

Start by approaching owners of appliance stores that do not provide repair services. They get a lot of calls from consumers looking for appliance repair. Many of them will have a relationship with a repair shop, but they might not be happy with their quality of work or turn around times, so don’t let the idea of competition stop you from getting out there.

Once you have built up a good reputation and business is coming in, consider expanding your business to offer repairs on other items, or bring on other skilled repair people to take on some of the work. At some point, you might even be able to sit back and let a manager and a few skilled technicians run things. Then you will be very glad you learned how to start an appliance repair business.