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Do you have a knack for drawing city streets and skyscrapers? Why not learn now to use those talents to your benefit and learn how to become an architect? What an architect does is organize different spaces such as office buildings, shopping centers, churches, and even sometimes entire cities.

Preparing Yourself

Now is the perfect time to prepare yourself for learning how to become an architect. Although the preparation can be fairly vigorous, the outcome can lead to a lot of different opportunities.

If you happen to be in high school at this time, you will want to enroll yourself in advanced science and math classes. Computer science, English, history, and even art classes are very helpful when learning how to become an architect.

If you are already out of high school, make sure to brush up on your math skills. (Most importantly, geometry, algebra, and trigonometry.)

Some schools will offer a five year Bachelor of Architecture program that you can enroll in. They also oftentimes ofter two or three year Master’s programs which follow an undergraduate degree.

Look for architectural firms that have openings for interns, and once you’ve graduated, you can look into securing a more long term internship with an architect who is licensed. If you’ve already got a full time position somewhere else, try to take on small intern projects over the weekend.

After you have put in approximately three years as an intern, you can start to consider applying for your own license. There is a pretty rigorous Architect Registration Exam, but with the learning you’ve gained in your internship, you are bound to pass with flying colors!

Tools and Skills of The Trade

Fields such as architecture are a balance of creativity and specificity. There are a variety of tools that you’ll use to help you to achieve both. Whether you work from a home office or in an architectural firm, you will need a nice sized work area.

Having particular drafting supplies like a drafting table, measuring tools, calculators, and drawing supplies are all must haves. You will also most likely use CAD (Computer Aided Design) software that will efficiently help you to produce your vision.

The field of architecture is growing, and as a result, competition is growing as well. By ensuring that you have the best education and experience possible, you will stand a far better chance of staying ahead of your competition. When you are learning how to become an architect, it is important to remember that education is the key!

Having a strong knowledge of “green” design (self sustaining buildings, minimum waste, etc.) will help you even more with your quest to be the most successful architect that you can be.