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Many people who have a background in the security industry are looking into how to become a security consultant. This is a rapidly growing industry with very strong profit margins, so it’s no wonder people are interested.

Security consultants give advice to their clients about how to keep themselves and their assets safe from everything from fire to terrorist attacks. What people and companies are interested in protecting can range from people to securities, and from buildings to trade secrets. Many who learn how to become a security consultant specialize in specific areas, while others offer a broad range of services.

As a security consultant, you will help your clients to recognize risks and put solutions in place to minimize these security risks. Given the turbulent financial and political times we live in, this can be a very lucrative business for anyone willing to do what it takes.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

As there are so many possible areas to specialize in, the first decision you will need to make when thinking about how to become a security consultant is your area of security expertise. Some of the common specialized areas include: personal security to protect high profile or high risk people, such as politicians, executives, and celebrities; retail security to help minimize shoplifting and other threats to retail business; business security, which helps companies protect their property, trade secrets, strategies, and financial information; and household security to help homeowners protect themselves and their property from burglary, home invasion, and other threats.

To become a security consultant, you will need to have experience in the security industry, preferably in the area you have decided to specialize in. Your clients need to feel like you are very good at what you do and can be trusted to provide the very best services.

While some security consultants present an unflappable, tough exterior, customer service is still important in this business, as with any business. You will meet with clients to get to know them and their security concerns; help them identify and quantify security risks; propose solutions to minimize or eliminate those risk areas; implement your recommended solutions; and continually monitor the measures you have put in place to determine their effectiveness.

To run your business as a security consultant, you will need a business license, comprehensive business insurance, including a strong liability clause, a billing system to bill your clients, and several ways for your clients to reach you any time they need you.

You’ll also be expected to stay up to date on current industry trends and advancements, so you’ll want to subscribe to several security industry publications, attend industry trade shows, and engage in continuous learning and improvement. This is not an industry where you learn your trade once and then always know what to do. It changes rapidly, and your clients will expect you to be at the top of your game at all times.

As for equipment, as you are thinking about how to become a security consultant, consider that the equipment you will need will depend greatly on the type of security consulting you provide. Of course your knowledge and experience are your greatest tools, but in some areas of security consulting, you will need other equipment, hardware, and software.

Once you gain a reputation for delivering on your promises and being the best at what you do, you can consider expanding your operation and bringing on more consultants and staff to support you. Some security consultants are able to branch out and take their companies nationally and even internationally. When that happens, you will be very glad you learned how to become a security consultant!